Sunday, September 25, 2005

Down in the chips

Do not, I repeat, do not buy Whole Foods' Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips. They're not very good. I'm not surprised, however, as I've been consistently disappointed in Whole Foods' Tex-Mex offerings. The salas have no bite, the cheese enchiladas taste like tomatoe-y mush, the flautas have zero flavor that no amount of salt and salsa can improve, and their flour tortillas are overpriced cardboard. So silly me, thinking their tortilla chips would be good, but alas, like all of their Tex-Mex products, they just miss the mark completely. The texture is like a baked tortilla chip--that strange smushy, foamy sort of cruch that's just so unsatisfying. And the flavor is zip--can't taste much corn, salt or lime. When I dipped them into some homemade salsa, their complete lack of heft and structure made them practically dissolve before they hit my mouth. What is a tortilla chip good for? Why, it must be a perfect vehicle for grease, salsa and flavor--all of which was missing from the Whole Foods' product. I was overjoyed 4 years ago when they moved into the NYC market, thinking to myself, "At last, I can finally get some good Texas food." But they must have some Yankees making their Tex-Mex because it's worse than the stuff I've had in Toronto. And that's saying something. El Galindo or Los Milagros...if you're listening, please, please, `
I BEG! please distribute to NYC. There's a definite void here!

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Nola said...

Was referred to your site; just visited for the first time today. You are making me so hungry, I can hardly type! I am in The Great State of Texas, and tonight we're goin' for Mexican food, thanks to you.
I am starting at the beginning, reading your blogs in order. What you need UP THERE, is an HEB! All foods Texas, and all the fixin's for Texas and Mexican food. You could get great chips, and some Kinky Friedman salsa to dip them into!

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