Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My new hero

Here's a Q&A with Nina Planck, a controversial character in the NY market scene who's opening two new farmer's markets in NYC called Real Markets.

How can I not applaud someone who says, "Lard—you can’t seem to get enough of it... The thing about lard is that it’s mostly unsaturated fat, which nobody knows, and the monounsaturated fat in it is the same one in olive oil." She also admits: "I became a vegan and a vegetarian and my health suffered. I started eating beef and crème fraîche, eggs and raw-milk cheese, and my health improved." Right on! I've always believed as long as you eat whole, real foods, and achieve a proper balance of all the food groups, you'll be at your healthiest. Can't wait to check out these new markets. I'll bring my camera.

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Harry said...

Just came across your cool blog today. We heard a Nina Planck interview on NPR while driving through Arizona. She has some way-out-there ideas, but I could not help but like the woman. She was facing off with some Fed government agriculture and food safety fellow, and I'd say she definitely won the debate. I don't quite understand yet her strong opposition to corn syrup of any kind, not just HFCS.

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