Thursday, August 31, 2006

Country comes to the city

We’ve seen this happen before--Texas-style barbecue served in NYC. When Pearson’s Texas BBQ was in Long Island City (before LIC was a destination), it was worth the trip to sit outside on its patio and eat a plate of brisket and pickles. If you squinted through the haze you could pretend the Manhattan skyline was just a grove of Hill Country pecan trees. Then he became ambitious, moved to the upper East side, and that’s the last I heard of Pearson’s. Its arrival in Manhattan was eagerly anticipated, but when the reviews rolled in the big question was, “Where’s the smoke?” And before I even had a chance to check it out for myself, it was closed.

Enter Hill Country NY. Backyard Chef paints a mouth-watering portrait of last weekend’s BBQ NYC, which featured Elgin sausages and Texas brisket. Check out the photos and see for yourself that gorgeous smoke ring on the brisket--it’s a thing of beauty. And even better, the pitmasters responsible for the brisket, Travis Mills and Rob Richter of competition group Big Island Bar-B-Que, are opening soon a bbq joint in Manhattan said Hill Country NY. In my neighborhood, no less. I can’t wait. I like RUB a lot, but I’m hoping that a place called Hill Country NY will use mesquite, not hickory. But besides the sauceless smoked brisket and sausages, pickles, onions and white bread, there’s another key element to a true Hill Country dining experience: Shiner Bock. (above photo taken at Kreuz Market). So fingers crossed they’ll manage to import this golden beverage from the little brewery in Spoetzl.

Did anyone attend last weekend’s BBQ picnic—what did you think?

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Backyard Chef said...

Hey there! Thanks for the mention. I can't wait until 'que gets rolling at Hill Country.

I just realized that you must be close to where they held the BBQ Block Party-- were you able to stop by and get some eats from the Salt Lick and sniff some smoke?

Anonymous said...

wow. you've outdone yourself with this post.

If you squinted through the haze you could pretend the Manhattan skyline was just a grove of Hill Country pecan trees.

Up until I read this I was only "lost and far away" from home... and doing fine. Now I'm homesick. What a strong pang.

Whoa. Not good. I don't normally operate this way.

I had no idea that all the small things I miss so much were also important to others. I gotta get myself back to Texas somehow and show my dogs what God's county is like.

Homesick Texan said...

Backyard, I was out of town the weekend of the block party,hence my trip to Alabama--I just had to try Big Bob Gibson's white sauce fresh, one way or another.

Anonymous, book a ticket now!

melissa mcgee said...

say the word - and the shiner's in the mail.

Ken Wheaton said...

Well, hopefully they'll do better with the beef than they did with the pig at this year's Pigfest. Just saying.

Homesick Texan said...


melissa mcgee said...

weeee-hoooooties!!! hey - did you see this?

i think you'll LOVE it.

Kimberly said...

As a Texan living in Boston, I'm always dubious of the barbecue up north. I made it to NYC last week, and Hill Country NY was right across the street from my hotel! We stopped in for a beer before going out for the night and smelled like delicious smoke for the evening. Needless to say, I spent a lot of money on food right before we left, and I was not disappointed one bit. Who knew I'd get back to the Hill Country via NYC?

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