Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dolly: a cook of many colors

Dolly Parton, while not a Texan, is still fabulous. And besides being a fantastic singer (Jolene is one of the best songs ever) and hilarious actor (after 26 years, 9-to-5 still feels fresh), she can also cook. White Trash BBQ writes that she has a new cookbook of Tennessee family recipes, and 100% of the net proceeds benefit the The Dollywood Foundation which promotes literacy to disadvantaged preschool children. But even better, if you buy the book you’re entered into a contest to have a bbq with Dolly and 100 of your closest friends. Good luck, and hopefully it’ll be you and not those people two doors down laughing and drinking and having a party.

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UnGourmetGal said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Your pictures are great and its nice to read about texas every now and then. Where you will find really good mexican food is CA, so far I've only found two places where I live that are authentic.

melissa mcgee said...

dude. i totally want to have a bbq with dolly. that would be the most awesome.

Backyard Chef said...

That would be one surreal meal.

I do love Dolly, tho....

Homesick Texan said...

If I win, someone will need to loan me their backyard, I couldn't fit 100 people on my fire escape.

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