Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sweet roam Alabama

I'm going to abandon the NYC taco trail for a few days so I can finally pursue a 4-year curiousity of mine: Alabama white sauce. I've long been fascinated by Alabama, as one of my favorite photographers, Walker Evans, had his defining artistic moment in the state. And while I may be Texan, I always embarrassed my family by requesting mayonnaise on my hamburgers and hot dogs. When I heard that northern Alabamans plop a variation of mayonnaise on their chicken, pork and other smoked meats, I knew that I had to check it out firsthand. I'll be roaming around northern Alabama eating at such famed places as Big Bob Gibson's BBQ and Greenbrier BBQ, but the real treat of the trip will be finding little hole in the wall joints that big media doesn't deem worthy. Being in Alabama (and Lord knows when I'll return) I also plan on hitting Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, home of (purportedly) the best ribs ever made. A friend who spent time at the Anniston Star has also pointed me in the direction of some unique finds, the most exciting being an ice cream shack in Heflin that also sells BBQ.

Watch this space for full reports of my road trip--hopefully Alabama has embraced wireless Internet.

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