Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ann Richards: 1933-2006

Good night, Governor. Thanks for all your wit, wisdom, courage and leadership. You were a true Texas treasure. You will be missed.

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matt said...

I will miss you, your humor, your gift of education, and that sharp - OH SO SHARP - tongue that brought us so much laughter and made us stop and think about the state of the world and Texan politics.

I'll also never forget seeing you in a track suit at Whole Foods and sitting behind you at the movie theater, peeping through that cotton candy hairdo that will so surely be missed.

I love you, Ms Richards!

christine (myplateoryours) said...

I read the news of her death with such sadness. She won't just be missed by Texans!

Homesick Texan said...
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melissa mcgee said...

one of the things i loved the most about ann richards: she had such a wonderful, infectious laugh. she truly had a great sense of humor, and wasn't afraid to poke fun at herself.

i was so saddened to read of her death this morning. she will be sorely, sincerely missed.

Harry said...

She was my favorite politician, the only one I'd ever consider sitting down with a cup of coffee.

Tuba Slim said...

Amen. Shoulda been president. May she return once in awhile to haunt the current occupants of the White House.

Julie said...

She definitely came across as very genuine. I could never believe she was replaced as governor by Dubya. What were the people of Texas thinking?

The County Clerk said...

Yes. What a smart, hot and tough Texas broad! I've been missing her for years. Attitude baby. My daddy, an educated and refined man but a man from a different time (and not the kind of man one would expect to support a female politico of ANY affiliation) LOVED her. LOVED HER.

I was at a party in California on Wednesday night... a group expat Texans from ALL OVER... a group of boys who grew up together. Our politics are not all the same and so we do not speak of such things (some of us went seriously into politics in some interesting behind the scenes way - on BOTH SIDES).

Suffice it to say there was some wine and bourbon and some very late hours. We were having fun. And then John's cell phone rang and he got the news. He told us that Ann was gone.

Shocking how it affected the group. No one was unmoved. Really something.

The consensus: What a smart, hot and tough Texas broad!

S to the L said...

First chance I got, meaning when I was old enough, I voted for her. Gosh, they broke the mold when they made her. Definitely someone I aspire to be like. I saw her at an Austin movie theater in 1998 and she was so friendly! RIP Ann Richards.

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