Friday, October 13, 2006

No cupcake left behind

Did you know that in Texas they have something called the “Safe Cupcake Amendment?” That’s right, under the Texas State Law cupcakes are a protected species. Now I love cupcakes as much as anyone else, but I feel this might be taking cupcake-o-philia a bit too far.

Actually, not all cupcakes are safe, just the ones in the classroom--you know, the ones that parents bring on their kid’s birthday. Government getting involved with children’s nutrition is nothing new, and Texas, despite its reputation of being the unhealthy diet capital of America did the smart thing and dictated that schools should cut out the sodas and sugar. But parents became upset because they were no longer allowed to bring sugary sweets to honor their child’s special day. So Texas decided to pass an amendment allowing this exception to the rule.

Was this the right thing to do? I find it kind of silly. Sure, everyone loves cupcakes, and parents love to make their kids happy, but isn’t this what a birthday party is for? What do you think?

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Lea said...

I do agree its a little silly. It is exactly what a birthday part is for... plus I imagine it puts pressure on parents to feel obligated to make cupcakes for their kids at school to bring.. and could be upsetting to kids whose parents dont.... I mean how many kids are in a class? around 30? So what if every kid brought cupcakes on their birthday?? o_O

school isnt for kids to celebrate their birthdays... home is. I think it all feeds into that "my kid is more spacial than yours" syndrome

melissa mcgee said...

i think it's a bit silly too, this cupcake amendment, but then again there's part of me that thinks it's pretty cool for some reason. where else but texas are cupcakes protected in schools with their very own amendment?

while i think it's important for every child to feel special on their birthday (i really do!) and to have their peers acknowledge them in some way on that day, i don't think it necessarily warrants all the hubbub, or the intervention of legislature to intervene - on behalf of the cupcake.

then, another part of me is screaming "CUPCAKES!!!" because they just make people happy. and by "people", i mean "melissa."

vlb5757 said...

As much as I love being from Texas, I think a law about cupcakes is pretty lame. There are better things that they could be doing with their time, like say making better laws against drug dealers, child molesters, and the whole lot of nasty folks that make our lives dangerous. Cupcake law? Come on!

The County Clerk said...

could this possibly be true?

cupcake legislation and litigation...

i don't think i belong here.

Homesick Texan said...

Lea--You've brought up a point that concerned me too--how does this law affect the families who don't have the means to provide the class with cupcakes?

Melissa--Yes, everyone wants to feel special on their birthday and this is where I'm torn: is this legislation silly or sound? But when I mentioned it to my NY friends, they all said, "Only in Texas," so you're right--it is a very cool, very Texan thing to do--making cupcakes safe.

Vib5757--You've tapped into the frivolousness of this whole thing. Cupcakes vs. crime? There shouldn't be any question.

County clerk--Yes, it's true.

Tuba Slim said...

Does the long arm of the Magnolia Bakery Lobby know no bounds? Will they stop at nothing to poison our youth with their siren song of sugarey goodness?

Actually, I had me some Magnolia cupcakes last weekend. A dear friend fought through legions of Sex in the City-addled tourists to get them, bless her heart. And y'know, for all the hype, they didn't do that much for me (apart from leaving me with a clanger of a sugar hangover). It's the frosting. Butter cream is great, I guess, but I love the flavor of the fake stuff.

TexanNewYorker said...

Congratulations, Homesick Texan; you've been mentioned in the New York Times!

Allyson said...

I have 3 kids in central ohio. They just started school, my 1st grader's B-day is Sept 1st. The School has a new policy no B-day snacks, because 1 kid out of kindergarten thru 5th grade has a peanut allergy!!!What happend to the majority rules!!!! I think Texas rocks!!! We love cupcakes!
Mabey we can ban together & get the safe cupecake amendment passed in ohio! Go Bucks! Tina Brooks

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