Thursday, November 02, 2006

A big idea in a tiny package

Not everything in Texas is big. The burger above? Your typical fast-food burger, probably measures about 5 inches across. But check this out. Texan photographer Nadia Caffesse created the world’s smallest burger (it measures one inch across) complete with an extra-small side order of fries and Coke. She even made a tray and paper liner to complete the fast-food experience. Check out her photos of the project, it’s very cool.

She mentions on her site that she did this for a Craftster project, but I asked her if there were any other considerations, say a statement on fast food or the American diet. This is what she replied: "I think the implications of the project as far as super-sizing versus mini-sizing are pretty interesting. Why did we choose fast food? Probably because it is the most easly recogizable and self-contained meal to miniaturize. Everything comes with its own specific packaging on a brand-specific place setting. All of it designed to be attractive and to give you a feeling of familiarity.

But, the project was more or less a statement of what food is to us.

On Craftster, as with lots of organizations devoted to the new craft movement, not a lot of consideration is given to the art of food. Food crafting is popular among a small set of people, and the rest of the world either thinks it's too hard to be creative with food, or couldn't care less about what goes in their mouths.

My husband and I wanted to show that it's really very simple to make something unique. . .and have fun while doing it. We plan to make a whole series of tiny food, including a tiny Thanksgiving meal and tiny fajitas."

Now there's some food for thought. I can't wait to see the tiny Thanksgiving meal. There probably, however, won't be any leftovers.

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The County Clerk said...

Cool post. Interesting subject. Nice interpretation. However, this tiny burger freaks me out. AS IT IS I already feel guilty about ordering multiple burgers in the drive through (not that guilty). I can just imagine myself ordering these: "I'd like 25 burgers please!"

Tiny Thanksgiving? An anti-feast? I am highly amused. I just love seeing what artists come up with.

Thanks for posting.

Yvo said...

That's very cool. I love the pictures!!!

Homesick Texan said...

Country Clerk--I hear you! They sort of remind me of donut holes--they're so small you keep eating them, not realizing you've just consumed the equivalent of about 10 donuts in on sitting.

Yvo--It is cool! I can't wait to see her future projects.

Bruce said...

Mini-burgers have become a big deal in some of our fine dining dives. Cascadia offers minis made of beef hanger steak, wild king salmon, or a la veggie - $1 to $2 each in one's, two's, or three's.

Up the street and down on the water, Waterfront Seafood Grill makes them with ground spicy lamb. The little flavor bombs are way to good to "slide". You savor every little nibble.

Homesick Texan said...

Bruce--Thanks for stopping by! I've never been to Seattle, but I'd love to go--sounds like an amazing place to eat. And I've never had a lamb burger...sounds delish.

UnGourmetGal said...

Great post. You should post pictures of the miniature Thanksgiving dinner, I bet it is too adorable. I was finally able to post the recipe for my favorite zucchini bread if you're still interested.

Homesick Texan said...

Ungourmetgal--Thanks! And I am indeed still interested, I'll stop by and print up a copy. Thanks for letting me know.

Mae said...

Oh, wow! I looked at the photos and they were really impressive!

The mini french fries reminded me of the potato crisps i bought from M&S the other day. So cute!!!

What a great job they've done. I can't wait to see the miniature thanksgiving meal!

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