Friday, May 23, 2008

Something to chew on

Have you seen the June issue of Texas Monthly yet? It's their BBQ08 issue, and while the usual suspects make an appearance, there's a new king (or rather queen) of Texas barbecue. Readers—meet Tootsie.

Curious how the editors rate the restaurants? Assistant editor David Courtney reveals his secrets on how to eat at nine barbecue places in just one day. Makes my stomach sigh just thinking about it. Nice work if you can get it, eh?

For those of us in New York, Hill Country gets a shout out. (Did you know that they are now serving an amazing weekend brunch with house-smoked bacon, migas, chicken-fried steak, cheese enchiladas, breakfast tacos and biscuits?). And The Big Apple BBQ is coming up in two weeks; I highly recommend the Fast Pass. Sadly, Southside Market isn't returning this year, but Salt Lick and Baker's Ribs will be setting up their pits to represent the home state.

Happy Memorial Day!

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Yvo said...

Really? The FastPass is worth it? I was just telling my friend it didn't seem worth it because last year it seemed those lines were horribly disorganized and people were getting mad, skipped over, etc. (the people WITH fast pass). Hmm...
And ooh! I'm going to Hill Country for the first time in a week! I'm excited :)

Homesick Texan said...

That's odd, because with the Fast Pass you don't have to wait in the long lines. It's good to get it with a couple of people and then you can share the cost.

Mike said...

Good stuff on Sirius...congrats.

sassyradish said...

8 in one day? that is what i call a high-quality problem :) nice job indeed. have a great long weekend and congrats on sirius - my link thingie didn't work, i'll try a few more times.

andie said...

mmm bbq!!! personally i love salt lick (we order it online when we can't make it to Hill Country). I fort worth i love i want bbq for dinner!!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

So nice to know where there's good BBQ in New York -- I'm headed there in a couple of weeks!

AT said...

Did you see the pictures of Snows on my Flickr? After all the hub-bub, I had to go try it for myself. YUM.

You still have to wait in line if you get a fast pass, but they're infinitely shorter. I give the fast pass two thumbs up. Plus you get a nifty-doodle badge that makes you feel tres important. :)

Kalyn said...

Hey fun hearing your voice. It made me hungry, and I don't think Utah has any places that serve real barbecue.

Theresa said...

Ah, The Salt Lick... I remember as a little girl (late 60s/early 70s), my parents would take all of us kids (six, plus a brother-in-law-to-be) there and Mrs. Roberts would fry chrysanthemum leaves for us as a special treat.

When my very proper, English in-laws came to visit for their 50th anniversary, that's one of the places we took them.

Various family has had them ship packages across the country, but sadly, now that I'm living in England, I can only indulge on trips home.

Donna said...

Hello from Waco, Texas! Sorry you can't be here! Love your site though...Happy day to you!!

Olivia said...

Omigosh omigosh! I will BE in the Big Apple for that BBQ!!!! Woot!!!! And I can visit Hill Country, where is it???

Bee said...

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Tootsie at Snow's . . . and drooled over the description of that meat. This is the kind of story that makes me feel really, really homesick. Tipping over to the melancholiest side of that longing for home.

"Memorial Day" in England was literally a washout. Cold! Wet! Devoid of BBQ!!

Janna said...

My hubby has been hoarding the new issue, but I will definitely be checking it out.
We actually met one of the Texas monthly writers this weekend at a Memorial Day BBQ. Fun!

tejasjeff said...

Have you ever heard of a a Cookshack Electric smoker?
They are not cheap, but they produce great BBQ and would seem to be ideal for people that want great BBQ in a urban environment. They are idiotproof.
I have the required Monster pipe smoker here ,but rarely fire it up anymore after trying and buying a Cookshack
I am not going to say that it produces the equal of real old pit style BBQ ,but it certainly produces a helluva of brisket with a lot less work.

Lauren said...

I just saw the issue this week. My favorite place made the list - Harold's in Abilene. Harold will sing to his customers, usually gospels, though one time he sang "Hello Dolly" to me! His singing is only surpassed by the food, especially the strawberry cobbler and hotwater cornbread. Nothing even comes close in Georgia...

Yvo said...

Somewhere in the madness, the people who were manning the booths didn't seem to know what FastPass was. Well, one or two of them, I didn't hit every booth and can only share the observations at the few I did. Oh well. Maybe we will get one then! Thanks!

Homesick Texan said...


SassyRadish--Yep, I'd love to have that problem!

Andie--I've never been to Railhead, but I need to go there next time I'm in Fort Worth.

Lydia--Hey--welcome to NY! It's a beautiful time of year to visit!

AT--Thanks for the heads up--my, my that's some gorgeous barbecue!

Kalyn--I'm surprised that there's no good barbecue in Utah--it being the Wild West and all.

Theresa--Oh my, that's quite a memory. I don't think I've ever had fried chrysanthemum leaves before! I love their slaw and its Asian flavors!

Donna--Happy day to you, too!

Olivia--Hill Country is on 26th between 6th and Broadway--just a stone's throw from where the Big Apple Barbecue is happening.

Bee--Yeah, whenever Texas Monthly does their food round-up issues, I get crazy homesick. And that's a shame it was cold and wet--should have had a barbecue indoors!

Janna--That is very cool--which one did you meet?

TejasJeff--They look great, but I gather you need to use those outdoors, and I don't have any outdoor space. Or can you use on indoors?

Lauren--Wow! Harold sounds like a doll, uh, no pun intended. And strawberry cobbler? I know what I'm having for dessert tonight!

Yvo--Huh? That's nuts!

KMDuff said...

Thanks for the article link - delicious and wonderful - we went to Bakers today and it was so good! We want to drive to Snow's now.

Kalyn - if you see this - there is a place called Lon's in Provo UT that used to be pretty good anyway.

Olivia said...

I was near there yesterday and didn't know it. On 23rd looking for the 6 train :)

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