Thursday, August 30, 2012

Green chile cheese steak

green chile cheese steak Hatch chile

The song of the cicadas, the beginning of football and the arrival of Hatch green chiles always signal the end of summer for me. While I usually try to make it home every August so I can enjoy these things, this year I’ve had to stay in New York, holed up in my apartment writing recipes for my new book.

Okay, that’s not actually a burden, as I do love to write. And I’m pleased to say that now that the recipes are on paper the fun part starts to happen—I head into the kitchen and start cooking. But let’s get back to those signs of late summer. While New York City doesn’t celebrate football quite like Texas does, there are plenty of cicadas clacking away and the other day I even found some Hatch chiles.

Now, this time of year in Texas and New Mexico you’ll see large roasters spinning in front of fruits stands, stores and restaurants signaling the presence of Hatch chiles. This was not the case here in New York, nor were the shelves stocked with limited edition treats made with the chiles, as you’ll also see during the season.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Blueberry lime oatmeal muffins and a new cookbook

blueberry lime oatmeal muffins

The other day my grandma asked me, “What have you been doing with yourself lately?” She had noticed it’s been quiet on the blog this summer and I told her I’d been taking it easy—it’s summertime after all. Though that’s not exactly the truth, as I’ve been in the kitchen quite a bit lately. For instance, I spent a good chunk of time last week satisfying a slight obsession with blueberry lime oatmeal muffins.

Do you ever get fixated on a thought and can’t let it go? That’s how I’ve been feeling about said muffins, ever since I dreamt that I wanted to bake a batch. In my dream, I was hanging out with my agent and while she wanted me to sign some papers, I insisted it was more important for me to bake muffins instead.

Now, this dream did indeed come from a logical place. One, I’ve spent lots of time this summer organizing my family’s recipes and food stories for an upcoming project. And not only was my great-grandmother renown for her oatmeal bread, but my mom also makes these incredible muffins stuffed with fresh blueberries. Obviously, my subconscious mind thought it was only natural to combine the two in some way.

blueberry lime oatmeal muffins

Then there’s the part of the dream that has to do with my agent and legal papers. Yes, this is also a reflection of my real life as I’ve been offered a book deal for my second cookbook. But enough about me, let’s get back to the muffins.

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