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Green chile cheeseburgers | Homesick Texan
Main dish

Green chile cheeseburgers

Roasted long green chiles, such as Hatch or Anaheim, make for a spicy topping for juicy smashed cheeseburgers. A Southwestern favorite!

Tortilla-crusted shrimp | Homesick Texan
Main dish Seafood

Tortilla-crusted shrimp

Shrimp coated in crushed tortilla chips are baked for this quick and easy seafood dish, which will remind you of days spent at the beach. And if you like the heat, there’s also a chipotle-chile cocktail sauce for dipping on the side.

Coca-Cola braised carnitas | Homesick Texan
Main dish Tex-Mex

Coca-Cola braised carnitas

Coca-Cola and milk, along with warm flavors such as cinnamon, allspice, and chipotle give these carnitas a slight hint of bacon, which is never a bad thing at all.

Fried chicken livers | Homesick Texan
Main dish

Fried chicken livers

Fried chicken livers with cream gravy are a classic Texan dish, but you don’t see them very often these days. This is a shame as these crunchy nuggets always hit the spot.

Green chile Frito pie | Homesick Texan
Main dish Tex-Mex

Green chile Frito pie

Much like New Mexican cuisine varies from Texan cuisine, they also serve their Frito pie not quite the same way we do. For instance, instead of the pie being topped with a hearty red chili, in New Mexico you’ll often see it with a green chili instead.