Game day fare

Bacon jalapeño cheese ball
Baked jalapeño pimento cheese dip
Black-eyed pea dip
Bob Armstrong dip
Cheese ball/log
Chipotle lime Texas trash
Chile con queso
Corn and black bean salsa
Deviled ham salad
Jalapeno pickles
Love dip
New Year's Day queso compuesto
Ninfa's green sauce
Pickled okra
Pico de gallo
Pimento cheese
Pimento cheese deviled eggs
Queso flameado
Sour cream chicken nachos
Spicy pickled carrots

Armadillo eggs
Ancho chile shrimp quesadillas
Brisket tacos
Carne asada stuffed potatoes
Carne guisada
Chicken fajitas
Chicken gorditas 
Chicken posole verde
Chile colorado con carne
Chilorio, Mexican pulled pork
Chipotle orange glazed drumsticks
Chopped beef sandwich
Crispy dogs with bacon-jalapeño dipping sauce
Dr Pepper pulled brisket
Dr Pepper ribs
Fried oysters
Frito pie
Green chile cheese steak
Green chile hominy casserole
Jalapeño and beer brined pork chops
King Ranch casserole
Peppery pinto beans with sausage
Ranch style beans
Red chile hot wings
Red chile seafood chowder
Ribs with Sam Houston barbecue sauce
Shrimp queso flameado with ranchera salsa
Sorghum mustard glazed ribs Texas chili with seven chiles 
Smoky black-eyed pea and sausage soup
Tacos al carbon
Tex-Mex fried pies
Tex-Mex meatballs in a chipotle-tomato sauce
Tex-Mex sloppy Joe sandwiches
Texas turkey chili
Texas pulled pork
Vietnamese fried chicken

Beanie wienies
Black beans
Cole slaw
Chipotle macaroni and cheese with bacon
Mexican corn on the cob
Pinto beans
Poblano chorizo potato salad
Ranch style beans
Spicy buttermilk onion rings
Texas potato salad

Buttermilk pie
Chocolate chip and pecan cookies
Chocolate pecan sticky bars
Cowboy cookies
Dr Pepper oatmeal cake
Dr Pepper peanut brittle
Ginger crinkles
Hatch chocolate chip cookies
Hello Dolly bars
Lavender brownies
Lemon and lime icebox pie
Mexican chocolate pralines
Peanut butter crisscrosses
Pecan pie
Pecan cobbler
Ruby red grapefruit and pecan sheet cake
Ruby red grapefruit cookies
Shiner Bock ice cream
Sour cream pound cake with ruby red grapefruit
Spicy chocolate pecan cookies
Texas ranger cookies

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