Pancakes and Louisiana

This past week, I was on the road working on a freelance project. And while the job involved two of my favorite things—Texas and food—it prevented me from spending any time in the kitchen cooking.

Now, it’s just occurred to me that it’s the final few days before Lent, a time when some are going to indulge in lots of Louisiana dishes to celebrate Mardi Gras, or pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

As I’ve said in the past, I come from a long line of pancake eaters. But I do have some homesick Cajun friends here in New York, so I’ve been known to indulge in the occasional bowl or two of gumbo before Ash Wednesday as well. And since I didn’t an opportunity to cook this week, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite pancake and Louisiana-style recipes from others and myself instead.

Happy cooking!

Recipes from Homesick Texan:

Gingerbread pancakes
Grandpa’s special pancakes
Uncle Austin’s Mexican pancakes with coconut
Apple Dutch baby with green chiles

Louisiana-style dishes
Barbecue shrimp
Chicken and sausage gumbo
Red beans and rice
Lessons learned from my first crawfish boil


And recipes from my friends around the web:

Brown butter winter citrus pancakes from Joy the Baker
Chocolate pecan pancakes from Sweet Life Bakes
Lemon buttermilk pancakes from The Perfect Pantry
Perfect pancakes from Lotte + Doof

Louisiana-style dishes
Cajun shrimp boil from Ezra Pound Cake
Cheddar and chive beignets from Evil Shenanigans
Chicken and sausage jambalaya from Confections of a Foodie Bride
Shrimp and lobster etouffee from Lisa is Cooking

  1. Nisrine

    Delightful list of pancakes. The chocolate pecan ones sound really good.

  2. Lisa Fain

    Nisrine–I agree! They sound absolutely amazing!

  3. T-Coons in Lafayette for pumpkin p'cakes !

  4. I think it will be the gingerbread pancakes for me and congratulations on your IACP nomination for you! Nice one!

  5. That top picture reminds me of the "Pancakes" sign for the restaurant that's located on the west side of I-35 in San Marcos.

  6. lavenderdiva

    I'd love to see your recipe for Red Beans and Rice, but the link isn't working. Love this post- I'm from New Orleans and am feeling homesick this week (now live in Houston).

  7. Lisa Fain

    Mike–The best of both worlds!

    Louisa–Thank you!

    Dawn–That photo was taken in College Station, but I think there are several places in Texas with that sign.

    Lavenderdiva–Thanks for letting me know about the link. And so sorry to hear you're homesick for New Orleans. Hope you get home soon!

  8. It's a little brisk here in Katy at 55. But 100 degree weather is right around the corner. So it's a good time to do up a pot of red beans and rice. Thanks for the reminder. BTW, your cookbook was hit with the half dozen lucky recipients from my Christmas list…

  9. That "Pancakes" sign reminds me of a Waffle House sign.

  10. Lisa Fain

    Jeff–It's definitely the season for red beans and rice. And I'm so pleased to hear the book was a hit. Thank you for sharing it!

    Janus–That makes sense as I think it's from a place called Pancake House, which is like a Waffle House.

  11. LindseyC

    I am SO GLAD I found you! I, too, am a homesick Texan. Living in Europe for now, just trying with all my might to find/create all the comforts of home! I am going to try to make your king ranch chicken recipe tonight… fingers crossed I can translate all the ingredients properly and find them! Thanks so much!

  12. Lisa Fain

    LindseyC–You're very welcome and wishing you success as you make King Ranch chicken in Europe. Enjoy!

  13. Anonymous

    HI Lisa, first of all (oh yes, this comment will be that long!JK), reading your book was like being wrapped in a warm childhood "blankie". I picked it up last Wednesday and read it cover to cover on Friday night. I laughed out loud many times recalling fond memories of my old life.

    The recipes and writing were so familiar that I was trying to remember how we knew one another. We probably never met but may have been in some of the places at the same time. I will be 40 this year, grew up in Houston, and went to UT Austin for college.

    Like you, I moved away and craved my Texas eats something awful. I have spent years working on google recipes to replicate tastes from home. It was great to see some recipes of things I have not yet tried to make since I left TX 15 years ago.

    When I saw the peach cobbler recipe, I thought, gee, I'm going to have to tell her that I never grew up eating anything but dewberry cobbler (I still use my great great grandmother's recipe), but then I turned the page, and your dewberry cobbler ice cream was waiting. I think I probably drooled on some of the pages! haha

    One country recipe I wanted to mention was mayhaw jelly. Luckily, I too, got my grandmother to teach me how to make jelly and jam before she passed away. It's still my fav jelly, but we don't seem to have a lot of mayhaw trees in Montreal.

    Anyway, I really want to thank you for writing this book! I'm going to have fun cooking my way through it.


  14. kale @ tastes good to me!

    As a Canadian, pancakes are very much a part of my food culture and memories. I am happy a blogger I am so fond of is a pancake eater in her own right!

  15. Rocky Mountain Woman

    I REALLY need to plan a trip back to Nola…


  16. Clockwork Lemon

    This post is coming at the perfect time because I have a mad craving for pancakes!

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