On book tour in Texas

Howdy from Texas! I’ll be here for the next week speaking and signing before I head to Richmond, Virginia for the Mid-Atlantic Food Writer’s Symposium. Here’s my schedule:

Austin, Book People, June 10, 7pm

San Antonio, Twig, June 11, 5 to 7pm

Alpine, Front Street Books, June 13, 6pm

Houston, Blue Willow, June 16, 7pm
Richmond, VA, Mid-Atlantic Food Writers Symposium, June 21-22

While I don’t have a kitchen for the next two weeks, I’ve been eating well while on the road. For instance, my first bite after returning was the famous chips and salsa at Ninfa’s on Navigation:

The next morning, I stopped by Frank’s Grill in Houston and had this balanced breakfast of chicken-fried steak, fried eggs, potatoes, grits, biscuits, and gravy:

I then went to Central Market, where I saw these fresh picked beauties on display:

And then there was these tubs of local flavor, which made me search for the nearest spoon:

Though as much as I miss the food, I also miss that big Texas sky and always like to take a few moments just to tilt my head and stare at those beautiful clouds.

Pinterest: In other news, a few of you have asked about my being on Pinterest. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve pinned most of my recipes on Pinterest and will continue to do so as I publish new ones. You’ll find me at

Instagram: Also, if you want to see what I’m cooking or follow along on my travels, I’m now on Instagram. You’ll find me there at

If you’re close by to any of the events, please stop by—I look forward to meeting you! And as always, it’s good to be home!

  1. Finding the Happy

    Lordy how I miss that Texas sky. Makes me cry just seeing your picture.

  2. Awww boo, no Dallas!

  3. Will you be doing any book signings outside of Texas and the New York metro area?

  4. And I'm leaving Houston for the next two weeks. DOH!

  5. Anonymous

    Oh how I miss Blue Bell! Which flavor did you end up choosing??

  6. Kate @Almond Butter Binge

    You are killing me with that Blue Bell ice cream. Keeeeeeeling me. Very jealous of your trip!

  7. Debra Kapellakis

    Congratulations on your book tour. I sure wish I could have joined you for that breakfast.

  8. When you said Frank's Grill…I nearly died. That is my favorite place for breakfast, go there very often….the one off of telephone rd. is the best. I grew up by hobby airport and my parents made it a tradition to have breakfast there. I know the chefs and those pancakes and omelets are perfect every time! Welcome back!

  9. Maralyn Woods

    Oh my, that "well balanced" breakfast makes me swoon. When I was living in Mexico I would fly to Houston every 6 months for a few days of shopping for gringo stuff to take back to MX with me. One of my guilty pleasures was this kind of breakfast. Texas eats are the best!

  10. Lisa Fain

    Finding the happy–There's nothing like a Texas sky!

  11. Lisa Fain

    Rooth–I may be coming to Dallas in the fall.

  12. Lisa Fain

    BJones–Besides the Richmond conference, at the moment there are no plans. Where are you located?

  13. Lisa Fain

    Carol–I'm so sorry to miss you!

  14. Lisa Fain

    Anon–They don't make my favorite flavor anymore–it was a chocolate ice cream with brownies in it. So good!

    Kate–Hope you can get home soon!

  15. Lisa Fain

    Debra–It was a mighty fine breakfast!

    Chelsey–This was the one off of Magnum but I'll have to visit the Telephone Road one next time I'm in town. Friendly staff and such good food!

  16. Lisa Fain

    Maralyn–I agree–Texas eats are the best!

  17. I'm located in Lawrence, KS just outside the KC Metro area.

  18. Lisa Fain

    BJones–Well, I have a cousin that is getting married in Kansas City, KS at some point (don't know the date) so maybe I can do a signing there when I'm in town. I'll keep you posted!

  19. Kimberly

    Welcome home Lisa…wish I could come to your book signing this weekend. Have a wonderful time while you're in town!

  20. That would be great. Thanks!

  21. Unknown

    So sad you aren't making a stop in Fort Worth or Dallas! Enjoy your time in Texas!!

  22. Oh, I miss Houston so much!

  23. I am dying to get my hands on your book!! Have a great book tour!

  24. Welcome Home!! The Texas sky is pretty amazing – no matter what part of Texas you are in. I just moved from Houston back to Central Texas and the sunsets have been amazing. A beautiful lightning show last night, but unfortunately, no rain for us. Hope you get a chance to do everything you want to do while you are here!

  25. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness, we might get to Austin in august to see our only child who lives in NYC..she adores Austin and we love it toooo, we will eat until we burst and bring home a cookbook of yours for absolutely sure and buy one for our only, she adores your recipes unfortunately she only gets to Austin 2 times a year and eats as much as her tiny frame can handle. the cookbook will suffice her in NYC she finds most ingredients or orders online and gets them shipped it is just her and her cat..she is a mighty fine cook if I must brag..Hope you sell a bigillion copies so others can taste of real texas cooking..ciao!

  26. Tara Schmidt

    It was wonderful to see you in San Antonio! Thank you so much for the plum jam recipe in the second cookbook. It is the perfect taste of fruit and summer. I keep thinking of climbing my grandma's plum trees in mid-summer and eating the juiciest fruit near the top – I've been living on toast and jam since I made a batch. Lovely.

  27. Lisa Fain

    Kimberly–So sorry to miss you!

    Unknown–Perhaps I'll visit DFW in the fall!

    Kathy–Sure hope you can make it back to Houston soon!

    Ami–I am indeed having great fun on tour!

  28. Lisa Fain

    Cindy–The Texas sky gets me every time. I could stare at it for hours.

    Anon–Have a great trip to Austin!

  29. Lisa Fain

    Tara–It was a treat seeing you in San Antonio! And I'm so pleased you enjoyed the plum jam. It's definitely the perfect taste of summer.

  30. Anonymous

    I miss the lovely Texas breakfasts at the Old South Pancake House in Fort Worth so much those pictures make me want to cry! Philadelphia has NOTHING even close.

  31. Jeff Folloder

    Well done! Great to finally meet you IRL!

  32. Matthew

    The picture of the chicken fried steak breakfast is so beautiful it almost made me cry. 🙂

  33. Those peaches, YUM! I was at the Stonewall Peach Festival Friday and part of yesterday. Came home with a similar looking box of fruit, some of which I'll use today in your Buttermilk Peach Ice Cream recipe…sorry Blue Bell! It should be the perfect follow-up to tonight's Seven-Chili Chili. Woohoo!!!

  34. Kathy Charest

    Well, isn't this just a hoot? 🙂 I'm a Texan, but I have lived in Florida for the past 19 years. My Mom lives in Alpine, I was chatting with her on the phone the other day and she began to tell me about the cookbook author that came through town and how she and her friends had such a wonderful time sampling all these Texas favorites. I thought… hmmm… and asked if it was The Homesick Texan…she was so excited that I knew who it was. 🙂 She enjoyed your visit so much, I thought you'd like to know that. 🙂

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