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Texas banana pudding | Homesick Texan

Texas banana pudding

In the summer of 1923, Aza-Jean Jones of the Central Texas town of Sidney shared a recipe in a local newspaper. It was…

Butter beans | Homesick Texan
Side dish Soups

Butter beans

One day my grandma mentioned my uncle was preparing a big pot of butter beans for dinner. She then asked how I liked…

Rice muffins | Homesick Texan

Rice muffins

Because I enjoy researching recipes from the 1800s, I’ve long been familiar with quick breads made with cooked rice. For some reason, however,…

Frito salad | Homesick Texan

Classic Frito salad

When I was growing up, my mom served a dish she called bean salad. It was made up of pinto beans, along with…