The Homesick Texan Cookbook, an introduction

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Here’s my recipe on how to make a cookbook, The Homesick Texan Cookbook to be exact:

1. Be born in Dallas, the newest member of a long line of Texans that have been living in the state since the mid 1800s. But do you care about your esteemed Texan heritage? Heck no! You tell your parents at a very young age that you want to live in New York City. They take you to Herrera’s, order you tamales and pray for the best.

2. Now, how does a young Texan become enamored with New York City? Let’s blame Maurice Sendak, E.L. Konigsberg, E.B. White, Rhoda, Woody Allen and Sesame Street. At nine, your family moves to Houston and you fall in love with its green sauce, Gulf seafood, ice-house hamburgers and dewberries growing along the bayou. You even reconsider your desire to move to New York City, but in your early 20’s a job in Manhattan beckons and you heed its call.

3. In 1995, you arrive in New York and realize that you’ve been hoodwinked; there is no decent Mexican food in the whole city! And let’s not even begin to discuss the lack of Ro-Tel, barbecue, chili, chicken-fried steak, queso and everything else you’ve been eating your whole life. You are hungry. So now what do you do?

4. In your tiny Manhattan kitchen, you attempt to recreate your favorite Texan dishes for your New York friends as it’s important that they learn the joys of your homeland’s cuisine. You also buy a camera and start taking photos of food and words and such. One day, you decide to combine these two joys into a blog. You name it Homesick Texan.

5. You meet lots of wonderful people on the blog, a mix of food lovers from all paths—both Texan and non-Texan alike. And sure, some of the Texas food issues in New York City may have improved over the years, but it’s still not home. One day, you receive an email from one of your readers who is both a homesick Texan and a literary agent. She thinks that you should write a book. Fast forward a few weeks and you discover that others believe you should write a book, too. You happily accept an offer from Hyperion and start cooking. The Homesick Texan Cookbook is born.

Now, allow me tell you a little bit about my book. It’s going to be hardcover and will have lots of stories, photos and recipes—just like the blog. There will be about 150 recipes in total and while a few will be some of my favorites from the site, most of the recipes will be brand new.

The book is coming out in fall 2011, which means that I’m going to be very, very busy for the rest of the year. But I don’t mind as I can’t think of a finer way to spend my time. If you like, I’ll be giving you updates as I write the book. And don’t worry—I’ll keep blogging, too.

But as for now, I’m just going to keep pinching myself. And, of course, writing and cooking as well. Thank you so much for your support! I couldn’t have done this without you. Now please excuse me—I have a book to write.

  1. I can't wait for it!!!!! So awesome, Lisa!

  2. valentinegirl

    Wow, can't wait for it!! I'm a Canadian, who moved to Texas for a while and since then, I've been all over the states. But I became obsessed with Tex-Mex for the short time I lived in Texas….I love making my own versions at home and have tried a few of your recipes. Keep up the great work!

  3. Congrats! What a wonderful cookbook it will be!

  4. Rosa's Yummy Yums

    Wow, that book must be great! Congrats!



  5. A cookbook!! I can't wait!

  6. Very cool. Congratulations!!

  7. kitchengeeking

    And now I have to put something on my 2011 Christmas list…or just pre-order the thing today and wait with baited, chicken-fried, Ro-Teled, jalapeno-ed, queso-ed breath until it arrives!

    Thanks for being place-based food and place-based awesome. You can take the girl out of Texas…thankfully she can still cook!

  8. Congratulations! I'll be looking for it in the stores in 2011.

  9. How exciting! I'm definitely looking forward to owning this!!

  10. You're such a wonderful writer (in addition to being a good cook and a good photographer) that I know this is going to be a wonderful book. So happy for you.

  11. Congratulations! I'm sure it will be a marvelous book. All of the recipes I've made from your site have turned out beautifully and I know the book will be a valueable source of new ones! (I'm crossing my fingers that you write about lard in the book…more people need to be converted!)

  12. heather @ chiknpastry

    awesome! best of luck – we'll all be with ya every step of the way (well not every step, but the reading whatever you tell us step!)


  13. So happy for you! And us!

  14. Just let me know the date of the book signing at Book People in Austin!!! I'll bring the beer, Texas beer, of course!

  15. Latter-Day Flapper

    I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the absence of Ro-Tel.

    Nope, can't do it.

  16. Chris Funderburg (Bocan)

    Oh I can't wait! I'm a native Texan and have been stuck across the pond in the UK now for 14 years. Love the site and food and I really need that cookbook!

  17. WildCilla

    I can't wait to see the book!! I would love to be a recipe taster – however, I still live in Texas. Can I make them myself and taste and tell you about it?

  18. Amy Sherman

    Congratulations! This is really great news.

  19. the country cook

    How exciting! I would love to recipe test (and maybe even do a promotion on my blog when you get it done)…good luck with it!

  20. Barbara H

    So happy for you! Can't wait until it comes out.
    I have printed out and tried so many of your recipes (we love your killer squash casseroles)and so many more are on my must cook list but I don't know what I enjoy most – the recipes or the stories.

    When this native New Yorker moved to Texas I missed my NYC foods (pastrami anyone? anyone?)but now that I'm back East I think I miss my Texas foods even more.


  21. I can't wait! I must have this book! And if you get within a 5-hour drive of my town on a book signing, I'll be there! Fabulous news and you made my day!!!!!

  22. Looking forward to it. Congrats.

  23. My Kitchen in the Rockies

    Congratulations. How exciting.

  24. Alanna Kellogg

    Such fabulous news, Lisa, truly. Now GIT!

  25. I can't wait for the cookbook! And since I've already made an insane number of your recipes I want to be a recipe tester. Oh wait that was supposed to be in an email. I'll get on that.

  26. Lisa, This is awesome news!! It completely goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: I. Can't. Wait!

    PS – Don't forget the chocolate gravy!

  27. DessertForTwo

    CONGRATS, LISA! I can't wait!

  28. Congratulations, Lisa!!! What wonderful news. And very well deserved! Though I'm a born & raised WI Cheesehead, Texas intrigues me! It's boldness, pride, joyfulness & quirkiness. I also love the food you write about and the fabulous stories you share. Can't wait for your book, and to hear about your writing process. Oh, and please, please, please, can I be a recipe tester!?!?!?

  29. I am SO excited!!! You are the one who got me interested in food blogging in the first place, so you have to know I will be out there buying a copy just as soon as it is on the shelves! if you make it to Seattle on a book tour I'd love to meet up.

  30. OK what took you so long? Always was a fan of southern cooking and ran across your site accidentally awhile back and started exploring some of your interesting recipes & stories. Well, a well deserved sincere congrats Lisa..Do me a favor trying to go greener and let me know if I could obtain it digitally if possibly as I'm kinda running out of room for any more cookbook in my kitchen! Thanks L

  31. Such wonderful news! This homesick Texan in Hong Kong can't wait to start cooking from your book, as I have been doing from the blog for years. (Also, my computer thanks you; it doesn't like its forays into the kitchen.)

  32. Awesome! This misplaced Aggie can't wait to get the book! I love your blog and frequently cook from it for my husband and my DC area friends- just so they can taste good Texas food!

  33. born and bred Texas girl here….can't wait to see this cookbook! I'd love to do some recipe testing for you……

  34. Foodtease

    Congrats! Can't wait to get the book!

  35. Congratulations, Lisa! I eagerly await the day I can get my copy.

    Thank you for all you've done, from another Homesick Texan.

  36. This makes me so excited!

    I started following you while I was still in our native land, but by Fall of 2011 I will have been out of the country (and far too far away from Texas) for just over two years.

    I often find it challenging to find every thing I need for all my favorite recipes from home, but I love seeing that sometimes there are options and/or ways to do it yourself.

    I can't wait for your book to come out. It will definitely be on my wish list.

  37. I'm so excited for you! I've been following your blog for a while now. Can't wait till I can read the book!

  38. Wm Clark Associates

    Many congratulations!

  39. Jim Eikner

    I want my copy autographed in chili gravy when you come to Austin. =)

  40. congratulations! How exciting for you! I can't wait until Fall 2011!

  41. Hells yes! I was hoping that is what it meant when you tweeted that you were cleaning out your desk!! CANNOT wait to read it! Let me know if you need a recipe tester. I'm good for at least one or two (I already know your biscuits are perfect 😉

  42. Oh my goodness, I can't wait! I've been keeping my fingers crossed for you to write a cookbook ever since I discovered your blog as a homesick Texan myself! Warmest congratulations and best of luck!!!

  43. Congratulations! I cannot wait until I can pre-order it on Amazon! I'm a homesick Texan in DC and your recipes always bring me memories of home.

  44. Felicitations! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

  45. It's always a pleasure to read your stories and recipes. You make me feel as if I were in your home. So, congratulations on your book deal and bona fortuna!

  46. FANTASTIC! Can't wait for this one to be published; I know it's going to be amazing.

  47. Congratulations! This is great news and well-deserved. Love your site.
    (LA, formerly Duncanville)

  48. Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")

    Well, Hallelujah and hold the sauce! I KNEW you'd finally do this! Oklahoma has their Pioneer Woman and WE NEEDED OUR HOMESICK TEXAN!! Yeehaw!! (can you tell I'm excited). I send your recipes to my (less fortunate) relatives in Missouri and they've really enjoyed the "true" cuisine, the TEXAS cuisine.

    Seriously, I'm so happy for you and will be looking to buy 6 copies as soon as they're off the press – one for each of my adult children, one for me, one for my mom and one for the aforementioned Missouri kinfolk. Oh heck, one each for my two Okie girlfriends. So make that EIGHT copies! Way to GO! This Katy gal is one happy chick and I can say "I knew her when…"

  49. I love it! You've got to be so excited. A cookbook is such an obvious progression for you and I am so stoked!

    Can I have an autographed copy?

    After that comes out, the Food Network is next! 😉


  50. Informally taste-tested your Cowboy Cookies on husband, son, and daughter-in-law. The kids (in Waco) said I had to give them the recipe or bring a batch EVERY time I visit from Houston!


  51. This is exciting news. I love your blog so I know the book will be fantastic.

  52. Holy cow! That's so exciting! I will buy one for sure.

  53. Michelle From TX

    Whoo hoo! Congrats to you!

    From one Homesick Texan to another…

  54. That's really exciting. I may be interested in being a recipe tester for you.

  55. We are the Guerra's!

    Holy Guacamole, that's awesome! I've been wondering when you'd get around to doing this. This native Austinite can't wait to welcome you to her home (well, in book form anyway, but you would be most welcome in person form too)! Congratulations!

  56. Good luck on the book! I can't wait to read it!!

  57. Add me to the long list of people who want to wish you well . . . not to mention get their hands on a copy of this forthcoming book!

  58. I live in downtown DC and miss Texas food — my native cuisine — every single day. I would literally kill for a good Frito Pie most days, to say nothing of proper cheese enchiladas, chicken fried steak, or a chicken and dumplings. _sigh_

    Good luck with the book!

  59. Congratulations– I can't wait. I will put Scotland up against NYC for no Mexican food anyday. Ever had nachos made with Doritos? I have.

  60. lisaiscooking

    Great news, congratulations! Now, get writing already! 😉

  61. Midway Records

    Congratulations! I love your blog & know the book will be great also.

  62. TS of eatingclub vancouver

    Oooh, congrats!

  63. Traveling Spork

    Sounds good… I'll have that.


  64. Hooray! And how exciting for you – congratulations! I'm not a displaced Texan (just a displaced Austinite), but I don't have a good Texan cookbook and I love your blog. Can't wait to buy my copy!

  65. Joining everyone else, I definitely wish you well – though I have a suggestion and a request for your book:

    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Please include as many pictures of your recipes as you can.

    Having published a few books in my day I know how expensive it can be to include a photo in a book. So, I have a suggestion that could make it less expensive but still informative for your readers. Since I know you're going to make all your recipes at some point take a picture and either post them on your blog here or open a flicker account (it's free) and publish them there. They all don't have to be professionally set up.

    I love to see recipes before I make them. Plus, if it looks interesting, I'm more likely to try it.

    Thanks and good luck.

  66. mama3davis

    Congratulations!! I can't wait for it to come out. I am a homesick Texan in Tennessee. The mexican food stinks here too!! I love you recipes. If I close my eyes and enjoy the taste it is almost like being home.

  67. Congrats Lisa! Super exciting news.

    @Andrea — Nachos made with Doritos are actually really popular in Mexico. 🙂

  68. That's wonderful! You have the best blog and the best recipes. I just made your banana pudding with a ROASTED banana in the skin – it just blasts all banana puddings away. Can't wait for the book to come out!

  69. Steff @ The Kitchen Trials

    Lisa – I am so happy for you and can't wait to see the end result and to hear about your adventures as you write it. Yay! (this is where i toss my cowboy hat in the air in celebrations. you'll just have to imagine that though.) =)

  70. Bbq Dude


  71. Can't wait for the cookbook.

    Ever think about moving back? Or is NY home now?

  72. !!!!
    So awesome – congrats!! I can't wait. I don't need a single new cookbook, but I'll probably end up with this on my Christmas list next year!

  73. creampuff

    Oh, congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you and you completely deserve it! If it's coming out in fall 2011 it's already on my Christmas 2011 wish list!

  74. wyowoman

    Yay so very glad both for you and me, that I can have a cookbook as good as your wonderful blog 🙂

  75. Congratulations! I hope I can see you on your book tour if you come to Virginia. And you can autograph my copy! Looking forward to hearing about your cookbook as it comes along.

  76. Congratulations! and good luck writing, if you need help proofing the recipes I would be happy to help.

  77. When can I pre-order? Put me on the list! Good luck with this project. Suggestion: start a newsletter that keeps us updated on the progress.

  78. Anonymous

    I will buy your cookbook for sure. I have tried many of your recipes and love your blog! Congrats!!! P in Texas

  79. Elizabeth

    Very exciting news! I moved to North Carolina after living in Texas for 35 years (i.e. my entire life) and the thing I miss the most about home is the food.

  80. Plum Texan

    How exciting!!! I will be lining up to grab this as soon as it comes out. From another Texas cook who someday aspires to be a published author…congratulations!

  81. I absolutely cannot wait!! Born in Floresville, and raised in San Antonio, yet displaced by the US ARMY thanks to my husband, I am ALWAYS searching for recipes to recreate my favorites. Thankfully he is from South Texas too so he misses the food as much and is always a willing taste tester. It saddens me that no where we go is there a good fajita, a homemade tortilla, or a good margarita to be found! I have to make them at home. Thank you so much for this blog and good luck and great success with the cookbook!!

  82. Crypt Stitch

    Woo hoo! As a long time (quiet) reader, I am thrilled! I have made so many of your recipes – even though I'm from Australia and have not been to Texas or Mexico the food style feels like home to me, so I can't wait for your book!

  83. Unbelievably cool! congrats

  84. Marjorie

    Lisa, That is wonderful news I know it will be a best seller. Congratulations!

  85. Anonymous

    I still find it a little absurb you can't find Ro-Tel in NYC. Perhaps you should offer a small bribe to one of your local bodega operators to get you a case or two. Queso with sausage just isn't the same without it.


  86. This true-blue Texan says "congrats" Lisa – looking forward to spending my money on your book.

    Made your Mexican Hot Dog recipe – dang good. Then I happened to be on FM 249 at Fiesta and the vendor was there that day – had their Mexican Hot Dog – double dang good!!

  87. Anonymous

    Congratulations, Lisa! I hope the cookbook will have all the "flavor" of Homesick Texan… including lots and lots of your great food photography. I think I only have room for one more cookbook, and this will definitely be it!

    Regards from Cypress, TX… your Mom must be so proud!


  88. Heather Laurel

    Congratulations! As an avid reader of your blog I am looking forward to purchasing a copy of your cookbook. While I may be a born and bred NYer I'm a firm believer that I'm a Texan at heart and like you I spend a lot of time recreating my memories of Texas in the form of food in my tiny NYC kitchen. Thank you so much and best of luck.

  89. congrats. I do enjoy your blog 🙂

  90. It is about time. We really have to wait that long?

  91. This is just wonderful.

    I am a NYer who is blessed to be married to a man from Denton TX! We now live in East TX with with our 2 boys who miss NY, but love TX food.
    I look forward to your cookbook.

  92. Marianne

    Congratulations. I've been a long time fan, made many of your recipes. And it couldn't happen to a more deserving blogger. And a belated thank you for the great recipes.

  93. Anonymous

    Can't wait until the book comes out! Congrats…

  94. I am SO SO happy for you! I also have ancestors that moved to Texas in the mid 1800s, so Texas food is in my blood. I lived in Texas for 37 years and I raised my children on Texas food. I have now lived in Arizona for the past 19 years. My children are here too, but we still eat like Texans. I now have a grandson who is five. He will be getting a copy of your book so that he can always make authentic Texas food. He lived in Texas for one year last year before moving back to Arizona and even though he was quite young, he LOVED the food. I think all of us misplaced Texans need to buy copies for our children and grandchildren. I love your blog, but to have it in book form will be wonderful!!

  95. kittykat

    How exciting for you. I have been following your blog for about a year now from H-Town. I have been to many of the restaurants that you mention in your blog when you visit. Even though I am not a misplaced Texan, I still love your recipes.

  96. Congratulations! I am eagerly awaiting your book's publication, as I eagerly await each new blog post. Will there be a book tour? You would be MOST welcome in Fort Worth (hint, hint…). 🙂

  97. Westex BBQ

    As they say 'round these here parts, "You go girl!"
    I imagine this book will be pretty darn good and a must have for my small but selective library of cookbooks. It'll be a worthy investment and save me money from printing out all your other great recipes to boot.
    Good luck Lisa.
    Best regards,

  98. Congrats! Can't wait for the updates and ESPECIALLY the finished product!

    Even though the cuisine is right outside my doorstep (I'm a Houstonian), it's still so much better to make it at home!

  99. Kelly @ EvilShenanigans

    Way to go! I am so happy for you, and so pleased to see that food from Texas will get the proper treatment and love it deserves! I suppose I will have to go have some Tex-Mex in your honor! Maybe even a margarita toast to your success!

  100. habanerogal

    Can't wait for this to hit the street! Always knew there was a book in you !

  101. I've been thinking for years that you should write a cookbook! Can hardly wait! Congrats!

  102. Screwed Up Texan

    Yeah! Congratulations! I am sure it will be perfect. You were the one of the first blogs I ever read (I only read two back then).

  103. The Fierros

    Lisa!! I am so happy for you!! I love your blog and read it often and create recipes from your repetoire, so much so I am even now making my own chorizo (because I can!!). I am so excited and I cannot wait to purchase a copy…work it gurl!! Cook your heart out the world needs a Homesick Texan! Yay!!

  104. Really looking forward to it. If it's half as enjoyable as your blog, it's already a winner.

  105. Graygrrrl

    I can't wait to read it! It will make the perfect gift for other homesick Texans. Keep us posted!!

  106. Cook in a Bar

    Congratulations and good luck!

  107. I echo everyone else's congratulations – I can't wait to buy this great book. 🙂

  108. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the book when it comes out. I am not Texan by birth but I got here as soon as I could (beginning with a fine education from The University of Texas at Austin) and have never left! 🙂

  109. Anonymous

    What wonderful news! All of us homesick Texans are greatly looking forward to it!


  110. Congrats!! That is great news!

  111. Wow, that's fantastic–congratulations!

  112. slowhomegrown

    Congratulations!! I can't wait for it to hit the shelves, that is so exciting!

  113. Congratulations Lisa!! You deserve it! I love your site and agree, it's hard to move to a new place and be completely unable to find your comforts of home culinarily. I can't wait to have your treasure in hardback!!

  114. walkermom

    At my age I want time to slow down, But I just can't wait for this book!!! My day is always brighter when I see this blog in my email

  115. The Nervous Cook

    Congratulations on the book! Mr. Nervous (an Oklahoma transplant in NY) and I (who has come to love a good red-sauce cheese enchilada) can't wait to cook out of it all the time.

  116. mandytailford

    Your blog and recipes are fantastic! I can't wait for your book!

  117. John Beene


    If I could I'd pre-order my copy right now!

    Looking forward to updates!

    Yea Lisa!

  118. Stevi Lee

    I can't wait as I have been loving your recipes for quite some time. I enjoy being able to re-create my favorite childhood meals right here in Nebraska (which will be, England in a few short months). I sure do hope that I am able to find refried beans and ro-tel in England.
    Thanks again Lisa for getting a wonderful Texas cookbook together.

  119. What a fantastic thing to happen for you! Hope your workload is manageable as you work on the book. Hope you had plenty of champagne to celebrate! Good luck!

  120. Lisa Fain

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the kind words! Hope you enjoy the finished book!

  121. Dee Davis

    Too Cool! I'll be first in line to get my copy. Your blog has been a little slice of heaven for this displaced Texans. I adore Manhattan, but miss good Texas food. And your blog always takes me back and reminds me that you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the girl!!!!!

  122. Congratulations! Seriously, that's awesome–all the stuff on the blog has been *fantastic* to make.

    Count me among the first buyers!

  123. Yay Yay YAY!!! Congrats! I'll be among the first to buy a copy!!

  124. congrats, lisa! can't wait to buy it!

  125. How fantastic! Just when I think I couldn't possibly add another cookbook to my already 200+ collection! Can't wait!!

  126. Denise | Chez Danisse

    Fantabulous! I'm looking forward to this.

  127. Great news and a perfect example of doing what you love and loving what you do.

  128. bug girl

    I stumbled upon your blog about 2 weeks ago after I experienced my first visit to Texas. The food there was incredible and I was searching for recipes to share some of the delights with my family (mainly kolaches). I'm glad I found out about your blog BEFORE you announced the cookbook so that I don't feel like an after-the-fact-wannabe.

  129. Congratulations, Lisa!! I used to be a regular reader here but, unfortunately, have not had as much time to browse the blogs lately. Just saw the notice about your book in Publishers Lunch and had to hop on over to wish you the best!

    'Course, now that I'm here, it looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do. I'm getting hungry already…

  130. Oh my! You know, I am one of those terrible lurkers…since almost the very beginning! You are welcome to add me as a recipe tester!

    I am so proud for you! What a wonderful experience.


  131. Love your blog and know I'm going to love your cookbook. Congrats!!

  132. The Round Rock Kid

    Another pre-order from a fellow Texan. You know you're good when fellow Texans want your Texas cook book!

  133. Anonymous

    GOOD FOR YOU! I love your blog and visit regularly but rarely leave a comment. I live in the Midwest but am originally from Northwest Louisiana. Many of your flavors overlap with what I grew up on — and still crave. Ro-tel is available here in the Midwest, but most folks look at it with suspicion.

  134. Tasty Eats At Home

    Yay! Congrats – I can't wait!

  135. Wonderful! From one homesick Texan to another – I salute you! And keep up with the blog….it's one of my favorites 🙂

  136. Many congratulations. Happy to know you'll keep blogging too! Your blog is my recipe book for all my Tex-Mex meals here in Australia. Your recipes make being a Homesick Texan a lot more bearable. Can't wait for the book. Best of luck!

  137. Joe Mink

    Congratulations Lisa and best wishes for success with the book! Looking forward to it.

  138. Two weeks ago in my kitchen…

    Me: I love HST's recipes, I don't know why she hasn't written a book!

    My hubby: Well what does she do in NY?

    Me: I have no idea but she cooks all the time. And everything I've ever tried from her blog has been fabulous. She really needs to write a cookbook!!!

    Hahahaha, joke was on me!! Congratulations and I can hardly wait!

  139. Congratulations! I love these fairy tale blog to cookbook stories! I can't wait to buy the finished product.

  140. Congratulations! Not only will I be getting a copy for myself, I will be recommending to my local library branch that they get a copy.

  141. Courtney

    Add one more for the pre-order list! Congrats! This is so awesome. I love your stories and recipes. I'm also a cookbook junkie, so this sounds like a win all around for me!

  142. I´m a homesick Texan too even though I´m Spanish and I just lived in Dallas for one year. But it was a great year, one of the best of my life. The family I lived with became my second family and in spite of coming from a country where food is a joy, a celebration, it was there, in Dallas, where I learnt to appreciate food, thanks to my host father, who is a great cook. That´s why I love your blog so much and that´s why I will buy your book for sure.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  143. Ok, I think it's time to stop lurking and post something. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I found this blog when I got back from my first trip to Austin over a year ago – I loved the food so much I got withdrawals asa I got back to Europe. And I love it! The recipes, the posts… you've cheered me up so so many times, thank you so much for this. I made it back to Austin a couple of months ago and loved the food even more if possible, you can be sure I'll be pre-ordering your book asap!

    Best of luck with everything, I can't wait to hear more info!

  144. There is no one more deserving of a cookbook than you. I'm so excited. Congratulations!

  145. This is the only cooking blog I subscribe to. You do an excellent job, and I look forward to buying a few copies of your book when it is released next year.

    Thanks and good luck,
    Austin, TX

  146. Seriously if you need a recipe tester – I'm all for it!

  147. Christina

    I am delighted for you . . . and us! I am also a homesick Texan from Dallas who has been living in NYC, but recently moved to CT where there is even less Mexican food (if you can believe it). The best Mexican (Tex-Mex and Texan) food around is in my own kitchen, and I share liberally with my friends.

    You will do great with the recipe book, and we are all happy to be part of your test kitchen.

  148. Christina

    Congratulations on the well-deserved publishing news! How wonderful!

  149. Marsha Jo

    cool beans!! I know what all my fellow Misplaced Texan friends are getting for Christmas next year!!

  150. Wow, Lisa, this is AMAZING news! I've long thought your recipes and stories belong between the covers of a book. Put me on the pre-order list too!

  151. I can't wait for the cookbook, this is my favorite food blog in the world (wide web)

  152. This is fantastic news!!! Congrats!!

  153. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading it.

  154. Anne Stesney

    Amazing, amazing news! And I'm only surprised it hasn't happened sooner. I can't wait to use my autographed copy!!!

    xo, Anne

  155. Congratulations! Such exciting news. Hopefully you come through Kentucky on your book tour. As a homesick Texan myself I can't wait to read your cookbook.

  156. happyfeet

    please to be saving me many copies for to buy for the Christmas presents

  157. Yay! Congratulations! I can't wait to buy it!

  158. As a fellow Dallasite who decided early on to leave, and also ended up in New York, I am thrilled to find not only your blog, but a book coming out too!?!? Fabulous! I can't wait!!

    I'm forwarding the link to my NY inlaws. Maybe they will finally understand me!!

    Your chicken-fried steak post had me rolling. It took a while to explain to the NY folk that it was "neither chicken, nor steak" and that 'chicken-fried' was the adjective describing the noun!

    I'm so excited!!

  159. Catherine

    I am so excited about buying this cookbook! As a displaced (and hungry) Texan living in San Francisco, I read your blog religiously to keep my heritage fresh and remind me of how often I need to make it home for a breakfast taco. Can you believe they don't know what those are here?

    Anyway, I always use your fail-safe recipes for lots of things, so thank you!

  160. calbrecan

    This is great news! Always a pleasure to see a fellow Texan succeed, and even better when said Texan is introducing our tasty traditions and rich history to those not fortunate enough to have been born here themselves. I love reading your blog and have no doubt your book will be a treat as well. Keep up the good work!

  161. Excellent. I felt so close to you reading your blog though I don't know you at all…I am a transplant from Houston in NYC. I import RoTel in my luggage and share with my friends here. Frankly it is a shame that Whole Foods, a Texas company, is all over the city but does not have RoTel. Am an avid cookbook reader, eater and foodmaker…and miss the foods I took for granted at home. Write on and best wishes on your endeavor!

  162. Lindalonghorn

    I am a homesick, native Texan….living in….well…does it really matter. I miss the good ol' Texas Sopapilla's. Will you have a recipe in your new cookbook for those? I can't seem to find the puffy sugary kind with honey in the midwest.

  163. Yay!!! So happy you are writing a cook book! Hope you will be in Austin to do a book signing when it comes out! Love, love, love your blog! Can't wait for your book! Congrats!


  164. Anonymous

    Absolutely can't wait – fell in love with your blog the first time I laid eyes on it – I'm a homesick Texan/Louisianian living in Florida – my plight not quite as dire as yours in NYC! Congrats and where do I order it??

  165. I cannot wait to add this book to my kitchen library. Thanks so much for your excellent writing and recipes.

  166. Anonymous

    I wrote to you once a long time ago and told you how much I loved your blog and that it is the only blog I follow. It is still my one and only blog read!

    I swore off buying cookbooks about 5 years ago because recipes are so readily available and easy to find on the internet. Guess what? I am going to break my rule!

    I couldn't be more excited to buy your cookbook when it comes out. I have made many of your recipes and loved each and every one of them!

    Much success to you!

    Cathie K., Barrington, Illinois

  167. Mariel Was Here

    How exciting and Yum! Better save me a copy: I want Buster's little paw print stamped next to your name because I'm sure he helps out 🙂

  168. Anonymous

    My partner and I were talking a few months ago about food blogs with cookbooks and which ones we thought should have books and which shouldn't bother. We both decided that your blog really needed one – despite us being vegetarian we love your blog (your queso has become a staple in our house) and will definitely be buying the book.

  169. Magistra

    I, too, am a displaced native Texan (Dallasite) in NY, and I can't tell you how much this blog speaks to my soul. Like you I've searched high and low to find Ro-Tel (found it at a Walmart) and Wolf Brand chili (no dice), and of course forget about the Tex-Mex (though the real Mexican food you can find is pretty damn good).

    I was hoping you'd publish a cookbook- I'll be counting the months until November 2011! Keep cookin' and writin'!

  170. Lisa,

    I have been following your blog for about a year. Though I was a displaced Texan for years, it is good to be home.

    Whether this Texan is at home or displaced, I definitely look forward to a copy of your book!

    Thank you for sharing.

  171. Linsey M.

    Yay! I can't wait!!

    I'll be stalking my local Hastings for it! 😉

  172. I sure has hell can't cook. But I love to eat. And I think leaving the food behind was the worst part of leaving Texas. I grew up in Odessa and then lived a long time in Austin. I'm a composer and a performer and New York is a better place for my career, hands down. But looking at the food on here almost brought a tear to my eye. I might have to learn how to cook now.

  173. Courtney

    I'm a little behind on reading your blog and somehow missed that you're writing a book! I can't tell you how excited I am to have your recipes in print. My parents are from Dallas, I grew up in Houston, and I spent my college years in Austin, so I often know the of the delicious foods you make and the restaurants you speak of when you travel home. The problem? I don't know how to make them! I look forward to the printing of your book and would reserve my own copy now if I could. Good luck!

  174. I am so excited for your cookbook, and have already pre-ordered two on Amazon! I came across your blog awhile ago, and later discovered that you were a fellow AC alum. I was happy to see the article in this quarter's AC magazine on you and the upcoming book. Congratulations on your success, and thank you for passing along your delicious recipes! I can't wait to see the new recipes in September!

  175. Anonymous

    TOO COOL!!!! A cousin of mine just bought it and I can't wait to buy mine. We both grew up in TX and moved in the last 11 years…her to Ohio and me to GA…total lack of Mexican food here…BBQ is hopeful as we just got a Dickey's near my office, but poor service, so who knows how long they will be around. 🙁 LOVED the Herrera's comment…it was every Friday night in our family…after dinner with parents and aunt/uncle, they drank the BRIGHT green margaritas while we played in the "game room". LOL! Thank you for writing this book! Off to order my copy!


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