The Homesick Texan Cookbook has finally arrived!

The Homesick Texan Cookbook DSC9639

Life is funny. If you had told me 16 years ago when I moved to New York that someday I’d be writing a cookbook about Texan cuisine, I would have just laughed. Sure, I loved to cook and I also wanted to write books—but never did I think I’d be pairing the two passions into one.

Today, all that changes. While I’m still a little shocked that my the past few years on this blog has turned into a book, I do have to admit that I’m over the moon that The Homesick Texan Cookbook is finally published, and I hope it brings many people happiness as it makes its way through the world.

Of course, this book would have been nothing without you, my readers. Please accept my deepest gratitude for helping this book come to life. Your support, your friendship and your enthusiasm have made writing and photographing both the blog and the book a true joy.

Now, a little about the book. The Homesick Texan Cookbook has over 125 recipes that aim to capture the essence of Texan cuisine. As Texas is a large and diverse state, my goal was to showcase all of our state’s bounty, from the beef dishes found in the arid West, to the fresh seafood found along the Gulf; from to the Eastern-European influences found in Central Texas, to the Deep South influences found in the East.

Some of the recipes in the book have appeared on the blog, like Texan classics such as chicken-fried steak, migas and King Ranch casserole. But there are plenty of new dishes as well. Some of my favorites include Dallas gas-station tacos, fried shrimp, poblano macaroni and cheese, crawfish rolls, salpicón and Mexican chocolate chewies. And of course, there are color photos and stories, too.

While I’ve been in New York, cooking the Texan foods I grew up with has helped me feel closer to my loved ones back home. I used to think I missed only the food, but what I truly missed was my family and friends. Fortunately, cooking these dishes has given others and myself a way to connect with those that we love. Though, you certainly don’t have to be a homesick Texan to enjoy our state’s warm and comforting dishes. As I like to say, everyone’s welcome at the Texas table!

I feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity, so thank you again for reading and responding throughout the years. Sharing recipes and stories with you has been a genuine pleasure.

But enough about the book—let’s get cooking!

  1. texasinafrica

    Congratulations, Lisa! So grateful for all you've done to make a lot of us homesick Texans feel less alone.

  2. Congrats on your book! I ordered a copy yesterday and look forward to making some delicious meals for my friends here in Pittsburgh, as I too am a home sick Texan.

  3. Congrats!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it

  4. ConnieMomaLightner

    As a Texan now living in Arkansas, I have enjoyed your blog and many of your recipes. I am very excited to add your cookbook to my collection. Hoping to get it for my birthday, which is in 2 days!! Congratulations!!
    Connie Lightner

  5. Congratulations! What an exciting day. 🙂

  6. Congratulations!! I am homesick Texan myself, and I love your recipes – they help make living away from home a lot more delicious 🙂

  7. Lisa, I've been following you for years now. It's so great seeing this come to fruition – congrats!

  8. Congratulations!!!

  9. I'm so looking forward to coming to the event tonight. Will the book be available to purchase there??

  10. Lisa Fain

    Thanks everyone!

    @nzle–Yes, the book will be available for purchase.

  11. Cooking for My Kids

    Congratulations! As a Texan, I have loved reading your blog and cannot wait to purchase the cookbook!

  12. it's always great to see people living their dreams… even if it surpasses the ones you had for yourself! i hope one day i can say i have a cook book published too! CONGRATS! 🙂

  13. Kimberly

    Yee Haw! I've got your book on my Christmas wish list!

  14. I was going to put it on my wish list but I couldn't wait. I just ordered it. Congrats!

  15. I recommended this book to LFPL, they have it on order, and I have put in a request for it once it comes in.

  16. Congratulations – it looks beautiful. I'm adding this to Amazon wish list for sure! I even know some displaced Texans that are getting one for Christmas. Lovely!

  17. Congrats! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

  18. When I started reading your blog, I lived in my birthplace — Austin, TX. I couldn't imagine what it must be like to be homesick. Then this June, I moved to Tempe, AZ, after spending my whole life in Texas. Now I know what it is to miss a place and a people so deeply. I look forward to your new posts and knowing I am not alone in my homesickness!

  19. Miss Meat and Potatoes

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mine is 'on order' and I'm anxiously awaiting the Amazon email telling me it has shipped! So excited and happy for you. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your success dear girl!

  20. I pre-ordered my copy; the ONLY book I have ever pre-ordered. It shipped last week and I sure hope it makes it up to Alaska soon. I'm hungry!

  21. I have been an avid follower of your site for a while now and I am not even a Texan. But the recipes speak for themselves and I have linked to many of your great recipes at HispanicTips. I am very excited for you about your cookbook. I am sure it is more than wonderful. Thanks for what you do.

  22. My book is officially out for delivery–and I'm so stoked. Congrats, Lisa! I've loved your recipes for years, and I'm so excited to see what goodies you've packed inside. 🙂

  23. Tiffany Dyer

    You've been posted on Serious Eats – get ready to have a lot more followers, including me! I moved to Hawaii from TX, and their idea of BBQ and Mexican is just sad. I hope I win a copy of your book!

  24. Nicola @41feasts

    Congratulations Lisa!
    I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. I love your recipes and always turn to this blog when I have a craving for 'tex-mex'. Have a brilliant night tonight (my cousin's first book launch has gone down in history in our family!).

  25. Anonymous

    Amazon delivered my copy this morning. Since I am at work, I can't sit down and read it the way I want to, but it is a beautiful book. I can't wait to start using it.

    And, the photography is wonderful. Congratulations and a special thanks for the tres leches recipe.

    Jeanne in Houston

  26. mary mumford

    Woo Hoo ! cookbook ordered ! one for me and one for my daughter also homesick for Texas !
    from mary in NC

  27. Kathryn | Dramatic Pancake

    Congratulations, Lisa! I love your blog and I am so excited to dive into your cookbook.

  28. Kathryn in Texas

    Yippeeee!!! Your cookbook came today and I am thrilled!! It's exactly what I hoped it would be!

  29. I've got to find a copy soon…living in Omaha, it's got to be a necessary book in my kitchen!! Congratulations!

  30. The book is lovely and I can testify that the recipes I've tasted from it (so far!) are delicious. I've gotten one friend hooked on Lisa's chorizo empanadas and am about to get a batch made for the freezer to enjoy as desired on fall weekends to come. Thanks, Lisa, for seeing this great project through!

    Celeste in Ohio

  31. Tuscan foodie in America

    Good luck with your book, which I will buy immediately…and please add Chicago to your book tour!

  32. Anonymous

    Can't wait to see you in Austin!

  33. I'm far, far too excited for your cookbook! I have one big question though: What is the best way to get it signed by you? I live slightly south of Salt Lake City, Utah, so I'm probably not in any touring plans. If there is a vendor better than another or a vendor at a book signing stop that would ship may be the best option but I thought I'd check with you first.

  34. Lisa Fain

    Chris–That's a good question! You could order in advance a copy from Book People, Twig or Blue Willow, and I will sign it when I'm there.

  35. Inspired by eRecipeCards

    Can not think of anything more exciting. I've seen several books from bloggers recently, but your publisher has really pulled out the stops. Among the prettiest i have ever seen. I am part of the group cooking the book for the month and everything is spot on. Congrats and best of luck with book two… Have fun tonight!

  36. I pre-ordered a copy months and months ago! I'm so excited to get it on my doorstep in a few days. Congratulations — we all appreciate the hard work you put into this blog. Reading your blog and cooking your food has helped me connect even more with my fiance's big ol' Texan family in ways I never expected. Thank you!

  37. Farmgirl Susan

    CONGRATULATIONS, Lisa! I'm so thrilled for you! 🙂

  38. Congratulations!

  39. Lisa, none of those bookstores have you listed in their Events sections yet. When are you going to be there?

    Also, is there an official tour page somewhere?


  40. Farmer Jen

    Congratulations! Your recipes and blog are wonderful. I am excited about your book. Time to celebrate with some great Texas cooking!

  41. Congratulations!!!! SO awesome!

  42. Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")

    HeeHAW!! You did it! I've ordered two copies – one for me (of course) and one for my Missouri aunt and uncle who follow your blog (thanks to my recommendation – yes, I'm patting my own back). So happy a Texas gal has had this success! Love it, love it, love it. Congratulations for hitching your wagon to a star and following your dream.

  43. Amazon delivered my copy this afternoon and I am so excited. It looks beautiful. I can't wait to devour it and its recipes.

  44. Texoma Doc

    I got my copy of your cookbook today. Its one of the best Texas cuisine books on the market. I love the pics. They make me homesick for central Texas now that I live in Oklahoma. Keep up the great work.

  45. Anonymous

    Received my copy from Amazon today, very nice cookbook, and I collect them with over a 1000 and counting. I plan to buy lots of jalapenos tomorrow, lots of good recipes. I'm not Texan but ex Arizonian and miss the foods, not the weather. Hope yours is a best seller.

  46. I received my copy of your cookbook today from Amazon. My co-workers and I were drooling over every page. It is very well done and the photos are great. I just purchased a roast to make the 7 Chile Chili again tonight. Eventhough it is 100+ degrees here in Houston, I just love that stuff.

    I hope it sells like gang busters, and I am happy for your success.

    Joshua in Houston

  47. Mark Griffin

    Well, for the last 3 1/2 hours I have devoured your book cover to cover. I have no other in my collection that holds nearer to my Texas cooking heart. There are page after page of Texas jewels inside, and I'll even forgive the coffee in the chili. You knocked it out of the park, Lisa. This Aggie gives it 2 thumbs up.

  48. Farmer Jen

    I just ordered 3 copies of your book from Amazon. One for me, and two for Christmas gifts! Yay!

  49. Anonymous

    Woo hoo!!! Like so many others, I pre-ordered mine and cannot wait for it to be delivered. 🙂

  50. Lynn in Texas

    Congrats, Lisa! Looking forward to reading the book.

  51. Shae Griffin

    Congrats!!! I found your blog while searching for a recipe and I fell in love with Texas all over again! I can't wait to purchase your cookbook! I've tried many of your recipes and they have all been great. Thank you for sharing!

  52. I just ordered my copy, congrats and keep blogging!

    Thanks Much!

  53. HZ in DF

    Yeehaw! Just in time for my trip to Texas this weekend 🙂 Felicidades to my fellow homesick Texan and may the sales also be over the moon!

  54. ohhhh, i am so excited for you and disappointed that i missed the signing. I work in dumbo and would have happily been there. oh well. I just flew in from austin on sunday and already miss it.

  55. The Fashionable Traveler

    Congratulations! I can't wait to buy this for Christmas for all of my fellow "Homesick Texans!"


  56. Sarah {Kitchen Procrastination}

    Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to getting a copy.

  57. Anonymous

    You should be very proud of yourself. I received my copy today and was floored by how well written the book was. A very entertaining read and one of the best cookbooks I've seen in awhile. Congratulations and keep them coming.

  58. Congratulations! Can't think of anyone whose book I'd rather have! Just ordered two this evening – one for my Austin-raised cousin living in Seattle and, of course, one for myself. Hope it's a huge – and well-deserved – success.

  59. Congratulations! I'll be in the States in November (Alabama, Atlanta and South Carolina) so I'm definitely going to be ordering my copy. Wishing you the best. Te mando un abrazote!

  60. Congratulations! Look forward to ordering your book soon and bringing a little bit more Texas to my current home in Austria.

  61. Congratulations! I got my copy in the mail from Amazon last night, and I squealed when I saw it had arrived. My husband and I did an initial flip through, and we are beyond excited over what we saw. I can't wait to sit down with it and read your stories that go along with each chapter and the recipes. After reading your blog for years and as a Homesick Texan in Boston, I know this will be one of my absolute favorite cookbooks.

  62. Elizabeth

    I pre-ordered from Amazon and received it yesterday. It's a beautiful, delightful book, a joy to read. Congratulations!

  63. Meister @ The Nervous Cook

    Great on you — looks fantastic, and I can't wait to check it out. Beautifully done, all your hard work and good cookin' paid off.

  64. Many congrats! My book arrived yesterday and I cant wait until I get home today to look through it!

  65. I received mine last night! What a wonderful birthday present from my fiance (and you, by proxy)! The photography is beautiful, as ever, and the recipes look fantastic, which is certainly no surprise. Congratulations and can't wait to see what's in store.

  66. I'm so happy for you, Lisa! I can't wait to read the book and try the recipes!!

  67. Mine is on its way!

  68. Congratulations! I am ordering one for myself (I live in the D.C. area) and one for my sister in Scotland. You have gone international! 🙂 We grew up in San Antonio and we both miss the people, the culture and especially the food. I adore you blog and wish you continued success!

    Homesick in D.C.

  69. Amazon shipped mine two days ago! I'm going to be pacing at the end of the driveway until it is delivered. Hope it stays under 100 degrees here in Ennis.

  70. I came here to say exactly what texasinafrica said. I've felt so incredibly alone and homesick since moving to DC two years ago. And you summed it up nicely: it's not just the food I miss. It's my family and friends. Reading your blog and making your dishes has help me feel like I'm back home among them, eating our warm and delicious cuisine. Thank you.

  71. Christina

    Congratualtions Lisa! Let us know when you are in Boston! I would love to have you sign my copy! Can't wait! Fellow homesick Texan, christina

  72. Congratulations!! I've been reading your blog for years and just can't wait to get my grubby paws on this beauty!

  73. Gary Brewton

    Got my preordered copy delivered yesterday. It looks great: great recipes, great photography, great work. You have done us Texans proud.

  74. Patricia

    My copy was sitting at the front door when I got home yesterday. I've been reading it this morning and I'm hungry for my mother's cooking.

  75. Crazy Radishes

    I had pre-ordered the book when you announced its publication here and found it waiting on my doorstep when I returned from my vacation yesterday. Can't wait to dive into it tonight! A hearty congratulations, what an exciting accomplishment.
    Also just wanted to drop a note to thank you for always replying to the comments/questions I post about your recipes. It's much appreciated.

  76. knitalot3

    Yay! Congratulations!!

  77. My two books can in the mail today from Amazon, one for us and the other for a gift to our son.

    The cook book is just super and is more that we hoped for.

    Thanks again for being you.

  78. CenTexTina

    I pre-ordered 5, 1 for myself and 4 more as Christmas gifts. Can't wait 'til they arrive. Amazon says I'll have them Saturday.

  79. Heather @ chiknpastry

    yay! can't wait to get my hands on it 😉

  80. Lisa, your beautiful cookbook is in my hands thanks to amazon!! Looking,forward to spending some time with it and cooking for friends and family!! Thank you!! Keep up the good cooking!

  81. Elizabeth

    Hey Lisa! I just leafed through the cookbook and everything looks and sounds mouthwatering! Congratulations on your new book. Sally bought it and we've all be drooling ever since. I hope you are doing well. Elizabeth, AIA Austin

  82. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    Congratulations, Lisa! My copy of the book just arrived in the mail, and I can't wait to start cooking. Thanks for introducing "the rest of us" to Texas cooking.

  83. Congratulations! This book has been added to the top of my Christmas list. It is especially meaningful to have a regional collection of recipes that represent my childhood in Texas. Thank you for your blog and your book!

  84. i'm a long time reader and just wanted to say that i got my cookbook in the mail today and can not wait to dive in. as a texas ex-pat myself (i lived in new york city for a few years but am now in georgia) your website has been a tasty reminder of home for me for a long time. thanks for sharing your recipes and memories here and now in your book.

  85. Anonymous

    I was a homesick Texas in New York for seven years. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes! I always felt like there was a warm heartfelt y'all right around my Brooklyn corner when I was cooking your dishes. Many congrats on the book and much success to you!

  86. Much to My Delight

    This is a must-buy! Can't wait to get one and start cooking! Love you blog and wish you the most success with your book. As a Texas transplant living in New York herself, your recipes serve as such a comfort to me. I've been to a lot of pretty incredible restaurants in NY, but there's still nothing better than the tastes of Texas.

  87. Anonymous

    Congratulations! A big thank you goes with that, too. I'm an Okie, but lived in the NE all my adult life. I fed tacos to nursing students who had never tasted Mexican food at all in the mid 70's. Hooked 'em! But I missed the essence (to me) of good Tex-Mex and could never capture that flavor until you printed that recipe for chili gravy. I have collected some good Tex-Mex cookbooks, too. Now we eat Tex-Mex 3 times a week and still never have our fill. Enchiladas, fajitas, pico de gallo, carnitas; all the goodies. If it hadn't been for you, I'd have died unhappy. You've given me gold in my old age, and I'm SO grateful! Hugs!

    Homesick Oklahoman

  88. A Big, Texas-sized Congratulations to you!!!

  89. Congratulatons!

    I just ordered it! I can't wait to browse through it & decide what to cook first.

  90. Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")

    Congratulations on not only having your book published but to have received so many great reviews! I've ordered one copy for me, one copy for my aunt and uncle in Missouri (I got them hooked on your blog when you had the bacon relish post!) and plugged it on my facebook page as well with great response!! I'll keep spreading the word. And again – congrats!!

  91. Class factotum

    Congratulations! So happy for you. I saw you in Texas Monthly recently.

  92. Heather H.

    I am so excited about this book! I know exactly what all of my NY-Texas girlfriends will be getting for Christmas this year. And I can't wait to try out all of the recipes myself. I'm definitely a Homesick Texan in New York who will be needing the warmth of Texas cooking as the cold, Northeastern winter sets in…

  93. The Galley Gourmet

    Big, huge, congratulations!! Keep up the successful and flavor-packed work. Best!

  94. Michelle C.

    My copy arrived today! What a fantastic collection all in one book. Which to make first – the El Paso Queso, the fried pickled jalapenos, the pumpkin empanadas, homemade chorizo? Congratulations on a fantastic book!

  95. I haven't lived in Texas for about a dozen years, and my sister's been gone for about five. So one's coming to Thailand, where I am now, and another to Seattle 🙂


  96. Casa de mi Corazon

    Abundant congratulations on achieving your goal! All of Texas is pridefully proud of you! xoxo

  97. When your book arrived, I just sat and drank in the beautiful photos. As a Misplaced Texan myself, it made me long for the open skies and prairies of the panhandle. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the lovely book! I have brisket in my oven at this very moment!

  98. Aunty Pol

    I'm buying it tonight sweetie!

    Waving from Houston


  99. My mom just told me she bought me a copy. I've told her about your blog (and several others) over and over again, but she's not very computer-friendly and hasn't bothered to look. When she told me she'd bought several copies of your cookbook and one was mine, I squealed with delight and promised to get her hooked on your blog as well. I look forward to flipping your book open and cooking up some good ol' southern style cooking. Congrats!

  100. As I'm sure you know, Serious Eats has been featuring your book in their Cook The Book series. Boy oh boy, I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy!

    I admit, I rarely buy cookbooks these days. I do most of my cooking by intuition, augmenting it with Google searches and food blogs (including your outstanding site, which I've been reading for many years now). But The Homesick Texan Cookbook looks like it hits my sweet spot: well-written, accessible recipes, great photos, and a good range of dishes and flavors. Congratulations on a job well done!

  101. 'grats on the book, lisa! i know it was a lot of work, but it looks beautiful. here's to multiple printings! *click*

  102. Congrats! Looking forward to adding it to my collection.

  103. Angie Kritenbrink

    it's beautiful!

  104. Michelle Stiles

    I agree with the hundreds of other folks….. I love our passion and zeal. My Husband was born and raised in Dallas and there is no other way to feed his home sick soul than some Texan cooking. I can't wait to get a hold of your book! Congrats from the bottom of my heart!

  105. I received the book yesterday!!! It is gorgeous!!! I loooove the texas pan you hold; could you suggest where can I find one?
    Thank you and congrats!!!!

  106. lonestarlost

    Congrats! As a Texpat in who has been living in Norway the past three years and who has now moved to Pittsburgh, I rely on you to provide comfort through cuisine. Can't wait to get my hot little hands on a copy!

  107. Congratulations, Lisa! I picked up my copy yesterday….it's beautiful! I love the introductory stories/descriptions that you've written for each recipe. And the recipes!!! Oh, I can't wait to start trying them out 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work to create and share something that is entertaining and delicious!

  108. Vikki Ryan

    I just ordered mine from Amazon yesterday, and I'm so excited! 🙂

  109. Anonymous

    Congratulations! My copy of the book arrived this week while I was away on a trip to…Texas. It's beautiful. I've been looking through it and consulted the breakfast rellenos recipe for some non-breakfast rellenos I was making.

  110. Congratulations Lisa. I love your blog, and looking forward to purchasing the book for myself and others. Christmas gifts, Hello?

  111. Anonymous

    Lisa – am so delighted to see that your book is finally out! I dont buy a whole lot of cookbooks, but yours will definitely have a place of honor by my Rob Walsh book!

    I have to tell you of a little experience I had while visiting a friend of mine in Louisville Kentucky. She arranged for the two of us to eat at the Oak Room at the Seelbach Hotel, and the meal was absolutely delicious. One of the things that was brought out to cleanse the palate was a small cordial glass of a strawberry-jalapeno sorbet. I made the waiter and people around me laugh when I tasted it and said that all that was missing was the tequila…maybe you could come up with a recipe that would be based on a strawberry-jalapeno combination? (If you havent already) – I was really surprised by this little burst of flavors – I would have never imagined the two could go together but it seems that Texas tastes are far more common than I thought. I got the idea that they put together that little item because my friend let the waitstaff and chef know I was visiting from Texas.

    Sharon in Richmond, Tx

  112. Congratulations! I especially like the focus on Texan Cooking on your blog and cookbook, it makes a difference.

  113. Native Texan here! Gonna be giving your book as Christmas gifts to non Texan relatives..and some Texans as well. Love your recipes!

  114. Anonymous

    I got your cookbook as a birthday gift. I'm only halfway through reading it, but so far, I LOVE it! The book itself is beautiful, and I love the format of the recipes and the stories and anecdotes that start each chapter. I am recommending it to all my Texan friends. Congratulations on an amazing book!

    Jen from NM

  115. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I saw your cookbook at a store called Lone Star Eclectic in Gruene this weekend! I was so excited to look through it and show it to my mom! I told her all about your blog, and how much I love it! I'm living in the heart of Texas, so I'm neither homesick nor displaced, but still adore your blog! I was thrilled to purchase your gorgeous cookbook! Thanks for all that you do here!

  116. lisa is cooking

    Congratulations! Can't wait to see it.

  117. Yee-Haw! Congratulations Lisa! I'm so proud of you and your BIG BIG accomplishment. Can't wait to get my hands on my very own copy. A big hug from Judy in the Big D

  118. A pleasant author, beautiful photographs, recipes that can't be found anywhere else–you're headed for success!

    As a Texas writer, I visit many blogs, and if I see an opening, I'll mention the book….

  119. Lisa Fain

    Thank you all so much for the kind words! Hope you enjoy the book! Happy cooking!

  120. Walter Davis

    I just ordered my copy through Amazon… can't wait!

  121. Congratulations Lisa!! I'm so excited for my copy to arrive, and I'll certainly be gifting a bunch of these for Christmas this year 🙂

  122. Anybody know why the book is in "Item Under Review" status on Amazon at the moment? Their words:

    While this item is available from other marketplace sellers on this page, it is not currently offered by because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described here. (Thanks for the tip!)

    We're working to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

  123. Hey Lisa – glad you are having fun back in Texas! My vacation started today and my copy arrived today! Looking forward to this read. Thank you!

  124. Lisa Fain

    JTE–I'm told that it's because a few books were damaged during shipping. Waiting for more info, but if your copy is defective you can return your book for replacement. I am so sorry about this.

  125. Congratulations on the publication of your book. I'm hoping to get it for Christmas — or before!

  126. Anonymous

    Lisa – My mother in-law, Marilyn Stewart, is good friends with your Grandmother Jernigan. I saw your cookbook on her coffee table yesterday and she told me that she had ordered me one! I'm SO excited! My husband (Bill) told me that I've met your grandmother at the Chambersville Thanksgiving dinner. She should be proud. She has a VERY TALENTED granddaughter!


    Melanie Stewart

  127. Kristen Nelson

    My book has a defective binding. Pages from my book were falling out the second time I looked at it; the damage does not appear to be a shipping problem. To my eye, the stitching was too tight or too close to the edge of the folio. I photocopied all of the recipes I thought I'd want to try over the next month before sending the book back. 🙂

    Over the weekend I made the salsa fuego which I mixed with a fresh tomato salsa and served with grilled ahi; it was very good and I love the charred tomato flavor.

    Next I made the tomatillo jalapeno preserves. I am tomatillo challenged. But a half pound of them were in my CSA box last week. I knew JUST how I wanted to use them when I found them in my box. The jelly is fabulous! I'm going to take some chicken wings, dredge them in flour and a lot of black pepper and fry them up. Then I'll serve them with the tomatillo preserves. I think the black pepper, lime, jalapeno, tomatillo and chicken combination will be pretty dang good.

  128. Lisa Fain

    Kristen–First let me say how sorry I am that you received a defective book. I believe the problem has been sorted out now, and I hope you receive your new copy soon. That said, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the salsa fuego and the tomatillo jalapeno preserves–those are definitely two of my favorites. I also love that you're going to serve wings with the preserves–what a great idea! I hadn't even thought of that!

  129. I have been reading your blog for a couple years now, but never commented. I have made many of the recipes on your blog and my husband got me your cookbook for my birthday. It is great, and everything I would have hoped for from a book of yours. I love your storytelling style and read the cookbook front to back before deciding what to make first. For dinner tonight we had corn chowder and biscuits. Both from your book. So good! I have never been or really had a desire to visit Texas until I came across your blog, but now, I keep thinking that I just have to go and see this place for myself! Thanks for doing what you do!

  130. Sprittibee

    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I can't wait to get your cookbook. 🙂 I'd be more than willing to pimp review it for you if you do that sort of thing. YAY FOR REFRIED BEANS!

  131. Money Jenny

    Have it…love it.

  132. csdesigner

    Congrats!!!!! I stumbled upon your blog by accident but it must have been kismet. I'm a Texan myself displaced to California. I yearn for Tex-mex all the time and my California born husband just does not understand. I'm so excited about your new book and can't wait to finally get the chance to have my husband experience first hand Tex-mex. Cheers to you!

  133. Anonymous

    I grew up in Texas and my family is generations deep in the Texas traditions. I just have one thing…chili…beans or no beans… Texas is so diverse that it is split. It made for really great banter on my facebook page. To give a blanket statement that Texas Chili does not have beans is not a fair statement. Other than that, you have a decent little book. 😉

    I dont have a blog so I am posting anonomous…my name is Leslie Long…my email is [email protected]. It is kinda chicken of you to filter your comments…what are you afraid of…just sayin'

  134. Lisa Fain

    Hi Leslie–I moderate my comments to keep out spam.


    Hey Lisa – I got your cookbook for Christmas after putting it on my amazon wishlist and mentioning it on FB. I made 4 recipes the other night for company and everything turned out well except for the Salsa Fuego – the marinade on Gas Station Pork Tacos is fantastic! Congrats on an excellent cookbook!

  136. I've been reading your blog for quite a while and proudly ordered your cookbook today. It will definitely move with me to England in two months, where I will also be a very homesick Texan. Thanks so much!!

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