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Peach jalapeño jam

Peach jalapeno jam DSC9035

Texans love their peaches. I’d say that this love ranks right up there along with bluebonnets, barbecue, cheese enchiladas and football. And for good reason, as Texan peaches are the best. I’ve always assumed everyone knew this, but the other day when I handed a jar of peach jalapeño jam to someone from the East Coast, she asked, “Do peaches grow in Texas?” Surprised, I quickly nodded my head and said yes.

Now, as Texans enjoy being competitive with each other, you’ll find there are those that say the Hill Country town of Fredericksburg has the sweetest, juiciest peaches. And then there are those that prefer the peaches grown in Fairfield and East Texas. But as for me, my favorite peaches are the ones grown at my grandma’s farm.

The other day she called me and told me she was having a good year with her bounty. Though it isn’t always this way, as one year they were terribly tart and another year some hungry critter crawled up in the tree and ate all the peaches in the middle of the night. But this year has been successful, which means her visitors are probably getting their fill of homemade peach pies and cobblers.

Peach jalapeno jam | Homesick Texan

Of course, peaches aren’t available year round, so there’s nothing better than preserving your fruit for a taste of summer when the light is limited and the days are cold. Grandma likes to freeze hers to insure we’ll have enough to make a peach pie at Thanksgiving. But one of my favorite methods of preserving this taste of summer is by making jam.

If you’ve never made jam, it can be intimidating. However, there’s no need to be afraid because if you can stand in front of a pot and stir, then you can make jam. It’s that simple.

For this recipe, you simply macerate some peach slices in sugar, bring to a boil and then simmer until the jam comes together. There’s lemon juice added for pectin and because I’m a Texan, I like to throw in a jalapeño to my peach jam to give it a little kick. While I’m sure there’s a more scientific way to ascertain if the jam is ready, I test mine by spooning some on a frozen plate. And when it doesn’t run, I know it’s done.

Peach jalapeno jam | Homesick Texan

It will keep in the refrigerator for a month or so, and I love eating mine immediately, on everything from biscuits to pork chops. But if you process it in a water bath, you can also enjoy your peach jalapeño jam later this year.

I know that it’s hard to imagine chilly days right now when it’s blistering hot outside, but they will arrive. And if you’re looking for a little warmth, take a bite of peach jalapeño jam and you’ll be reminded of lazy summer afternoons.

Peach jalapeno jam DSC9035
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Peach jalapeño jam

Servings 2 pints
Author Lisa Fain


  • 2 1/2 pounds peaches
  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 2 jalapeños,seeded and diced

Special equipment:

  • 2 pint-size jars or 4 half-pint sized jars with lids and bands


  1. To peel the peaches, bring a pot of water to a boil. Cut an X at the top and the base of the fruit and then boil the peaches for 1 minute. Remove the peaches with a slotted spoon from the water and transfer to a bowl filled with ice water to stop them from cooking. Once cool enough to handle, gently rub off the skins. Cut into into 1/4-inch thick slices, discarding the pit.

  2. Toss the peach slices in a non-reactive saucepot with the sugar and macerate for 1-2 hours or until the sugar has dissolved and the peaches are soft and juicy. Meanwhile, sterilize the jars and lids in either a pot of boiling water or the dishwasher.

  3. Once the peaches have macerated, it’s time to make the jam. First, place a plate in the freezer. Then, stir in the lemon juice and the diced jalapeño to the peaches. Place the saucepot on the stove and turn the heat to high. Bring the pot to a boil and then turn the heat down to low, stirring occasionally. (Don’t worry if there’s foam on top of the jam. While some advise to skim it, I leave it and find it doesn’t affect the jam.)

  4. After 40 minutes, take the plate out of the freezer and place a spoonful of the jam on the plate. After a minute, tilt the plate and if the jam doesn’t run then it’s ready. If it does run, continue to cook it while occasionally stirring for 5 more minutes and then check again. Continue to cook and test until it doesn’t run.

  5. Pour jam into hot, sterile jars leaving a bit of headspace. Cover with lid and rings. Allow to cool and then refrigerate. I find that it can last for a few months in the refrigerator.

  6. Alternatively, you can place the covered jars in a canning pot or stockpot, cover the jars with water, bring to a boil and then cook on high for 10 minutes. Remove the jars with tongs and then allow to cool. If you are processing this way, make sure that your lids have never been used before, as they will only seal once. These jars will not require refrigeration until after opening.

  1. Gretchen @

    Love the idea of adding jalapeno to peach jam! I love peaches, but I usually find peach jam too sweet for my taste. I think adding a bit of kick will do the trick for me–thanks for the recipe!

  2. Lisa Fain

    Gretchen–This jam isn't too sweet, so it should suit you just fine!

  3. Anonymous

    This looks and sounds so good. I'm going to make this, this weekend.

  4. Lisa Fain

    Anon–it's a perfect weekend project.

  5. Christie DescribeHappy

    This is making me homesick. I think a batch is in my future. And yes, Texas peaches are the best!

  6. Ooooo this sounds so delicious especially since generally I find peach jam far too sweet for my liking. I think that adding this kick will, as Gretchen says above, do the trick for me and make much like jalapeno jelly which is so good with cream cheese. Thank you!!

  7. So that's 2.5 pounds before peeling, pitting, etc. right? Sounds awesome!

  8. Lisa Fain

    Christine–I agree!

    Alicia–Putting it on cream cheese is a terrific idea!

  9. Lisa Fain

    Jeffero–Yes, that's before peeling. I've clarified the recipe so people won't be confused.

  10. Rocky Mountain Woman

    I am going to give this a whirl. I had peach habanero chutney at a sushi bar of all places a few years ago and have been playing with the whole peach and spice combo since. It's lovely! Perfect timing, we are almost in peach mode here…

  11. Wow that sounds great! And the cream cheese sounds great, too.

  12. Lisa Fain

    Rocky Mountain Woman–Habaneros and peaches are a wonderful combination!

    Laurel–Doesn't it? I can't wait to try it!

  13. What a perfect Texas condiment! I love peaches condiments with a hint of heat, too.

  14. Stephie M

    Lisa can you give some suggested uses for this delicious sounding jam, besides slathering it on biscuits or eating it from the jar? (Which I am pretty sure I would do.) Like do you use this with meats or have other uses. Love your blog!

  15. Catherine

    Sounds a bit like a peach chutney. I put chutneys with cheese, ham, on sandwiches, and with curried things. I have managed to find some decent peaches here in the UK but they are from Spain – have been enjoying them all week.

  16. tasteofbeirut

    Even though we've got a glut of peaches over here as well, your post made me homesick for Texas and (especially) jalapeños!

  17. Lisa Fain

    Jackie–The heat really compliments the sweetness of the peaches.

    Stephie–It's great with pork, so I top it on pork chops, use it on ribs (spread it on them after they've cooked and then run them under the broiler), stir it into oatmeal. A reader also suggested mixing it with cream cheese for a dip, which sounds wonderful.

  18. Lisa Fain

    Catherine–THose are great ideas! I hadn't thought of the chutney comparison but you're right.

    Taste of Beirut–Well then, it's time to make some jam!

  19. Anonymous

    This sounds soooooo yummy! I'm from Texas and love peaches. I had a peach-jalapeno jam before but, it also had pecans in it! It was so good, If I make this I plan on adding pecans to it.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Diane M.

  20. Anonymous

    Serve it with crackers and cheese as an appetizer! It is delicious…Brie, cheddar, blue….Barbara

  21. Being from Oklahoma,I have eaten this jam for years, as well. It is wonderful all year long, and we always loved pulling out a jar to put on slices of our fried turkey at Thanksgiving. The only thing I do differently is that I add 1-2 T. of Vanilla Paste. It adds another layer of yumminess.

  22. Lisa Fain

    Diane–Pecans sound like a terrific addition!

    Barbara–Oh, I bet it would be wonderful with brie or blue cheese!

    Lexie–That's a terrific idea!

  23. I have tried for years to make peach jam that would set up. It seems your frozen plate and longer cooking time might be the answer. Trying this recipe. Thank you!

  24. Lisa, this recipe is amazing! We like a lot of spice so I added a teaspoon of red pepper flakes. It was wondeful. We'll keep this one for posterity. Also, I grew up in north Texas and thrived on our Texas cheese enchiladas. Although your recipe is perfect, when I made it the second time, I browned one-half of a pound of ground round to add to the sauce and we really enjoyed it. Bought your cookbook at Costco and love your website! Keep cookin'.

  25. Umm–YUM!

    And, yes to the brie!

    Normandy sandwiches on a baguettewith this little gem would be awesome!

  26. BrutalBryanFromFortWorth

    Parker County has the best peach in Tejas.

  27. I think this would be amazing served with cheese. I can't wait to try it.

  28. Lisa Fain

    Dianne–It's a great trick and it works every time.

    Ted–That was fast! I love that you added some red chile flakes and I am so pleased you enjoyed it.

    Kkryno–What's a Normandy sandwich?

  29. Lisa Fain

    BrutalBryan–Did you go to the peach festival?

    Maureen–It's wonderful with cheese!

  30. Farmer Jen

    Excellent! Now to find some good peaches around here.

  31. Shut Up & Cook

    Love the combination of sweet and savory..this sounds outstanding! Hard to get good peaches in Seattle right now, but I'm not above importing some from CA to do the job.

  32. Oh MY Goodness this recipe is perfection! I can't wait till Michigan peaches are ready to try it! what a great gift to have on hand, tie a cute ribbon on it and Voila!

  33. Lisa Fain

    Farmer Jen–I hope you find some!

    Shut Up & Cook–Best wishes in your search for good peaches!

    Sheila–They just started arriving in NYC a couple of weeks ago, so I reckon it should be soon for y'all. And yes, it makes for a terrific gift!

  34. I so wish for really sweet and juicy peaches here in CT, but I can rarely find them. When I do find them, I buy a ton – and this jam looks like such a great way to use them up!

  35. I made this yesterday and just love it!
    My wife and I like jalapeño jam on whipped cream cheese as a dip.
    This peach jalapeño knocked it out of the park with flavor.
    Only thing is I added one extra japaleno.

  36. A peach and jalapeno jam sounds so good!

  37. Lisa, I visited the Alamo while on vacation this past week and I saw your cookbook in their gift shop. It was a very cool moment indeed!

  38. Lisa Fain

    Katie–I hope you find some soon! The ones from New York have been good this year.

    David-That's a wonderful idea! I can't wait to try it.

    Kevin–Indeed it is!

    Celeste–How cool is that? Wow!

  39. Oh how I miss the DeLeon peach festival!

  40. gonetobudapest

    I used this post as the springboard for a teeny batch of tomato-nectarine-jalapeno jam for the local country fair. Then I decided it was too good to give up my one jar to the fair!

  41. Jade Barker

    This looks really good. I'm pinning it for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Great recipe! I was planning a trip to Weatherford (in Ft. Worth) for some Parker County peaches this week, so perfect timing. We didn't make the Peach Festival, haven't in years. I'm getting too old to tolerate that many people and the heat at the same time. 😀

  43. Lisa, just wanted to say your cookbook is wonderful! I got it from the library to check it out first (been burned in the past by buying a cookbook that I didn't want afterall), then I purchased the e-book version. I was so happy to see the pictures are all included in the ebook! So many times, you get the text but not the pics. But, your recipes were so good, I was willing to do without the pictures. I'm so glad I don't have to!! 😀

  44. I just made this one, and it was lovely. I will cut the lemon half a notch next time, and maybe be a little braver with the jalapeno. We were short of peaches, so cut things to one pepper. It's a gentle burn rather than fire. I like.

    Thanks for the recipe.

  45. Given our grief over yet another senseless mass murder, I request a "comfort food" recipe in the posts to come….

  46. Tommy in Toronto

    It's peach season here in Southern Ontario. This recipe will be a knockout using our world's best Niagara peaches. This will also be killer with BBQ ribs. Thanks for sharing.

  47. I made this jam over the weekend and what a hit it was! Its not too sweet and not too spicy its right on point. My brother even put some on a burger and thought it was amazing.

  48. This would be incredible as a glaze for ribs.

  49. Jeanette

    i made this over the weekend – AMAZING!!! it took MUCH longer than 40 minutes to come together – honestly, closer to four hours. this is the first jam i've ever made, so i'm not sure why? the peaches weren't as ripe as i would have liked, so i'm guessing that their low brix might be a big key to the lengthy simmering time. we put it on some brined, super-thick cut bone-in pork chops that we grilled with a cajun spice rub. to die for! thanks so much for the recipe!!! oh, and i also used 3 small cayenne peppers from the garden instead of jalapeno, left the seeds in for extra kick (i love me some spice).

  50. Oh, my! This is one of the things I miss most about Texas (Fairfield area 😉 — peaches and TexMex food. Yummmm.

  51. Sara at The Cozy Herbivore

    My very own homesick Texan (who received your cookbook for Christmas and who LOVES it, by the way) just made the longest, slowest "mmmmmmmmm" sound when she heard the title for this recipe. I think I know what I'll be making this weekend…

  52. Anonymous

    Lisa. I received your cookbook as a Christmas gift, glanced through it and put it away. I learned how to make pinto beans recently at a grilling class and wanted to try some refried beans. I remembered your recipe for refrieds and your comment about bacon grease being the secret. I gave it a try and they were perfect. I have since made calabacitas, sour cream chicken enchiladas, carne guisada, corn and flour tortillas, taco soup, grandma's chocolate pie, peach cobbler, picadillo meat for crispy beef tacos and your tex-mex meatloaf with a chipotle-tomato glaze. I am from San Antonio and know my tex-mex. You have done an amazing job here. Everything I have cooked has been simple, authentic and delicious. Glad I got the book as a gift (from my wife) and glad I remembered your comment about bacon grease. Good work.
    Don Halbardier-Houston

  53. Just made today– excellent! My 2 1/2 lbs peaches only made 3 half-pint
    jars of jam, but it's really good!!

  54. Made this Saturday, it is so delicious. I used 3 jalapenos and left the seeds in for some extra heat and it's perfect. I plan on glazing some wings with it. Thanks Lisa, your recipes are always amazing and always come out perfect.

  55. I just made the jam yesterday, and waited until bedtime to try it…Perfect. The first batch I left out the jalapenos, but the next will add. LOVE the plate trick.
    I am too a Texas Lady…Far out in West Texas.
    I also canned 14 half pints of Hot Chow-Chow. Can't wait for cooler weather, and a pot of beans…..Love your blog

  56. Anonymous

    I made this jam yesterday! Absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so much!

  57. WOW! I have been making lots of different peach jams this summer and this one is the best yet! The basil peach comes close, but the heat in this one gives it a special zing!In the first batch I used 3 jalapenos and it just wasn't hot enough. Went with 4 on the next batch and it was perfect! I love not using box pectin because 1/2 the time with peach jams, they don't set as well as I like. These have been perfect everytime. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  58. Tim LeBlanc

    We use SureGel brand pectin ( make sure to pick best fresh date on box) and never had a bad batch. We made 4 batches last year & still enjoying it. After filling jar with new lid we turn it upside down for 5 min, then flip right side up and let sit for 24 hrs making sure each jar lid pops wiyhout touching them. As this is a low acid product it isn't necessary to hot bath it.

  59. Georgia peaches are the best! That's why we're the Peach State. However when I used to be able to find them, Texas had the best oranges, way better than Florida and California. Man they were good!

  60. Anonymous

    My boyfriend and I love to smoke a pork tenderloin and then top it with heated sliced peaches, jalapeno jelly, and blue cheese. It is the signature dish at one of our favorite restaurants. Actually, we just made it tonight. Combining peaches and jalapenos together in one jam sounds like a fabulous idea!

  61. I had to come back and give credit where credit is due. This jam is fantastic. I made four little jars about two months ago, and just finished the last of it. I made it as written with the addition of two habanero peppers since I like things pretty spicy. It was perfect. It is divine on biscuits and grilled cheese sandwiches. Can't wait for peach season in…9 months or so!

  62. Anonymous

    Do you seed the jalapenos? I just tried another recipe that was a disaster…4 cups of peaches and 5 cups of sugar and only 1 jalapeno which wasn't enough kick for me. Plus it had green and red bell pepper which I didn't think was necessary. I'm definitely going to try your recipe! Thanks! Oh and another serving option – over a log of goat cheese. YUM. Linda

  63. Lisa Fain

    Linda–If you're looking for hear, I wouldn't seed the jalapeños.

  64. Can you use frozen peaches?

  65. Lisa Fain

    Anne–You could, but it's better with fresh and in season peaches.

  66. Hello Lisa–a few questions–do I keep the plate in the freezer in between tests ??? If I use less sugar ( one to one and a half at most cups ) will that affect anything ?? If I do use less sugar do I need to use fewer peaches and less lemon juice ?? Final question–do the lids need to be hot too or just the jars ??? Can't wait to make this …we lived in Houston for nearly 30 years …now retired in the mountains of East Tennessee ,,can't wait to add your cookbook to my Christmas list … love your site …thanks !!!

  67. Hello Lisa–one more question—can this delicious sounding treat be frozen ?? if so, for how long ??? thanks again…

  68. Lisa Fain

    Doris–Yes, put the plate back in the freezer between tests. You can't cut back on the sugar as that's what helps it come together. Just the jars need to be warm. And I've never frozen it, but I suppose you could. Don't freeze it in a glass container, though.

  69. Lisa Fain

    Concerned–Thank you for pointing that out to me. I'm not going to post your comment because I don't want to share that link, but yes, it does look awfully familiar.

  70. Mindy Henry

    This is a must try for me! I just started making jellies and jams and I am addicted. Loved the Apple Jalapeno Jam and I LOVE this site. The cookbook is on my Christmas list!

  71. urnotfromtx

    I just got a couple of bushels of Tx peaches and will be canning this week. Do you know how many cups of peaches you used? I peeled them over the weekend so I don't think I can use the weight method.

  72. Lisa Fain

    urnotfromtx–It's about six cups.

  73. Heather

    Glad I came across this recipe! So simple and so fantastic! Instead of dicing the jalapeños I scored six of them and threw them in whole. That way it gives the heat but no jalapeño pieces. I also serve it with triple creme Brie and crackers. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa Fain

      Heather–Wow! I love your idea to use the peppers whole!

  74. I’m making this now. Idaho has some pretty awesome peaches!. It tastes yummy and i did add more seeds from the jalapeno. Love it! Thanks.

    • Lisa Fain

      Teri–I had no idea that Idaho had awesome peaches! That’s very good to know. Enjoy the jam!

  75. Can you use sugar substitute with this? I want to make something with all the peaches I picked but am a diabetic so try to watch my sugar intake?

    • Lisa Fain

      Connie—-The sugar in this recipe is what makes it gel, so I don’t think a substitute would work With this particular version. While I don’t have a recipe for you here, if you search for sugar-free jams that use pectin you should be able to make it work. And clearly, I need to work on a recipe myself!

  76. Sandra McLemore

    5 stars
    SO yummy! I did add a few red pepper flakes, as a previous commenter had mentioned, since the jalapenos from my garden aren’t very hot. It did take mine hours to thicken up. I’m not sure what I did or didn’t do right. I had just made peach pie filling with Clear Jel (not Sure Jel), so I ended up putting about a tablespoon into the jam (first I added a little water, stirred, and added some of the peach juice before adding back into the pot). I had doubled the recipe, so a tablespoon wasn’t a lot, but it seemed to work! I enjoyed some jam on a biscuit this morning. Wow…so good! Thank you for posting this recipe!

  77. Hi Lisa,
    Would I be able to process jars in a hot water bath?

  78. I love that this is a small batch!

  79. Did you use lemon or citric acid? I am new to this but my mom used to make jams and can? Wish I had learned. Thanks

  80. Hello, first time trying to make jam. Do I drain the peaches after removing the skin? Thank you!

    • Lisa Fain

      Jackie–You don’t use the water that you boiled the peaches in, that gets discarded. But after peeling them you don’t need to rinse or drain the peaches.

  81. 5 stars
    I am a transplant to Texas from California and have found the peaches here are wonderfully delicious. Came across this recipe after purchasing peaches from Ham’s Orchard in Terrell, simply delicious!! Will use it again when I purchase more peaches, thanks for sharing.

    • Lisa Fain

      Linda–Welcome to Texas! We are quite proud of our peaches here, and I’m delighted that you’re also enjoying them along with this jam!

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