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The Homesick Texan’s Family Table is published!

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So, I spent the past two years working on another book and today it’s published. Would you like to see a preview?

Like my first book, there are over 125 comforting Texan recipes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. There are also lots of stories and full-color landscape photos of Texas. To get a sense of how it’s organized, here’s the table of contents, with a cow.

The Homesick Texan's Family Table | Homesick Texan

And here are some more cows. (While it may appear to the contrary, not every photo is of a cow. There are also bluebonnets, windmills, big sky, and numerous other photos taken across Texas. And, of course, lots of food.)

The Homesick Texan's Family Table | Homesick Texan

The recipes in this collection are inspired by old family favorites. This is Texan comfort food for any occasion, at any time of day. For instance, when we have the time, my family and friends love to linger at the breakfast table, so I’ve included lots of recipes for morning meals, such as Pecan Lime French Toast Casserole, Bacon and Molasses Breakfast Sausage, Breakfast Enchiladas, and Potato Chorizo Breakfast Tacos, which are made even better with homemade sausage, tortillas, and salsa.

The Homesick Texan's Family Table | Homesick Texan

You couldn’t have a Texan cookbook without salads and sides, so I’ve included a host of dishes that will round out any meal, from holiday dinners to backyard gatherings. Here’s my take on that Texan potluck and weeknight dinner mainstay, Frito Salad.

The Homesick Texan's Family Table | Homesick Texan

For the main event, I’ve got you covered with plenty of beef, pork, chicken, seafood, Tex-Mex, and meatless dishes, such as Sunday Brisket, Peppery Ribs, Black Bean Sopes with Chipotle Crema, and a decadent Chicken Spaghetti.

The Homesick Texan's Family Table | Homesick Texan

My family loves to bake, so I’ve shared some favorite bread recipes such as Bacon Cheddar Biscuits, Sweet Potato Tortillas, and Buttermilk Dinner Rolls. And there are also sweet treats, such as tangy Lemon Pie, creamy Divinity, and Mexican Chocolate Cake, a spicy twist on that Texan classic German chocolate cake.

The Homesick Texan's Family Table | Homesick Texan

You’ll also find an appetizer chapter, a soups and chilis chapter, and an accompaniments chapter stuffed with pickles, salsas, and jams.

The Homesick Texan's Family Table | Homesick Texan

While the food included is chock full of big Texas flavors, at heart this book is a celebration of spending time at the table with those that you love. My favorite memories come from shared meals with family and friends and I know many of you feel the same. I’ve spent the past two years working on The Homesick Texan’s Family Table and I’m thrilled it’s finally making its way out in the world and hopefully, into your kitchens. It’s available wherever books are sold.

If you’re in New York City this Saturday, April 5, I will be signing books at Powerhouse on 8th in Park Slope from 4 to 5. There will be other book signings coming later this year, which I’ll share with you soon. I look forward to meeting you!

The Homesick Texan's Family Table | Homesick Texan

This book is very dear to my heart as the photos and dishes come from places and people that I love. These are some of my favorite recipes and I find myself reaching for this collection whenever I want to make something delicious, whether it’s for a quick supper or an impromptu weekend gathering with friends. No matter the occasion, I’ve found that cooking this food always brings me closer to Texas and those that I love.

Thank you so much for supporting my first book, as it was your encouragement that allowed me to write another. I am so fortunate to have found this community of like-minded folks and appreciate each and every one of you every day.

But enough about the book, let’s get cooking! Creating The Homesick Texan’s Family Table has brought me a lot of joy and I’m so pleased that I finally get to share it with you.

  1. Celeste

    Hooray!!!! What a happy day for you, after such a long process. I hope it sells like crazy, and that the taste of Texas will be at lots of tables thanks to you.

  2. Lisa Fain

    Celeste–Thank you!

  3. Hooray! Congratulations — what an achievement!! I can't wait to get my eagerly anticipated Pre-Order copy in the mail! I'm sure it will become a treasured member of my collection, just like your first!

  4. Lisa Fain

    Paige–Thank you!

  5. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one! Your first cookbook is one of my absolute treasures – to be able to make the tastes I love from fresh, REAL ingredients is a delight beyond measure!

  6. Congratulations! Several years ago, I gave my Texan son in living Montana your first book. Cooking your brisket has become his Thanksgiving tradition. He asked his wife for the new book for his birthday. I love that you've turned him on to the joys of cooking!

  7. Just ordered my copy!

  8. Mrs. Jeffries

    I am so excited! You have opened my kitchen to so many things I was previously unsure of… I am not afraid to cook with dried chilies and I have learned to use them for flavor and not just heat. I can't wait for part two!!!

  9. Elissa Garza

    Yummy! Will be asking for this in my easter basket!

  10. Becky C.

    Got mine in the mail this morning, already flipped through it and made a list of what to make ASAP. Your first cookbook never leaves my kitchen, it's absolutely wonderful – thank you so much and congrats on your success, you're the best cook. 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    I loved your first book, and this one was preordered. I'm counting the minutes until it's delivered today!

  12. Lisa Fain

    Renee–I agree, food made with real ingredients tastes so much better!

  13. Lisa Fain

    Joanne–What a lovely Thanksgiving tradition! And I'm honored to have helped your son appreciate cooking.

  14. Lisa Fain

    Rooney–Thank you!

    Mrs. Jeffries–Aren't dried chiles the best?

    Elissa–It will make a fine gift!

  15. Lisa Fain

    Becky–I look forward to hearing what you make–happy cooking!

    Anon–Hope it arrives soon!

  16. Barbara

    You are the one that got me started on Tex-Mex cuisine a few years ago, and I'm still hooked and always will be. I always loved the Tex-Mex food from my native southwest but didn't know how to make it until I found your blog. You've taught me, inspired me, and helped me push my limits further, and I've developed many new dishes that delight my husband and I, and on occasion, a visiting son and his family. Congratulations on your new book! I know it will be a success, and I'd be very pleased to own a copy for furthering my skills! Thank you for all that you've taught us! It brings us great pleasure several times a week!

  17. Julie @ Texan New Yorker

    Congratulations Lisa!! What an exciting day! I ducked into a Barnes and Noble this morning and paged through it, and of course it's amazing! I'm attending your book signing on Saturday, and I can't wait to have it in my hands! Terrific job (as usual).

  18. jenn from much to my delight

    You are fantastic. I would be at your book signing in a heartbeat (i live in Astoria), but as luck would have it, am traveling to Texas this weekend. Will eat some gulf coast seafood in your honor and in celebration of your new book. Congratulations!

  19. Elizabeth

    Congratulations ~ It's on my wish list!

  20. Looking forward to getting this book. People who have been lucky enough to get your Dr. Pepper ribs (they fly off the platter) love them from the first book, as well as your chili. This winter we had so much snow it was made a few times and very comforting!

  21. Catfisher

    Loved the first book this is a must for all who support displaced Texans as I do. Thank You!

  22. tabby1249

    Congratulations on the publication of your second cookbook! My two girls, both if whom are Homesick Texans, received your first book and will be excited to receive this one as well. You are a terrific cook and entertaining blogger and I thank you for creating recipes that capture the soul of Texas cuisine.

  23. Lisa Fain

    Barbara–Thank you and hooray for Tex-Mex. I'm so glad the recipes have made y'all happy!

    Julie–Thank you! I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

    Jenn–You will be missed but have fun in Texas!

    Elizabeth–Thank you!

  24. Lisa Fain

    Winnie–Chili is perfect for snowy days!

    Steve–Thank you for the kind words!

    Tabby–You're welcome! I'm so glad my first book has made your girls feel closer to home.

  25. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading it. (And cooking from it.)

  26. Casa Jacaranda

    Abundant congratulations, Lisa! As a born & bred Texas gal, I was delighted when "The Homesick Texan" was published. Having grown-up in East Texas and now lived four decades in Brownsville on the border to Mexico, your recipes on Texas homestyle & Tex-Mex are spot on! Rita Eckert ~ Casa Jacaranda

  27. Amy Louella


  28. Don Devine

    Congrats on the publication of your second book! I can't wait till I have a copy in my hands! 🙂

  29. Matthewrmt

    **squealing like a school girl** OMG! OMG! OMG! (I'm a little excited for your latest cook book. Only had 8 years in Austin, TX but it marked me for life–wonderful times, food, and people!)

  30. Anonymous

    Congratulations!! I will be running out to get my copy. Keep 'em coming! Thank you for bringing me home.

  31. Amyg713

    I just bought your first cookbook, I will purchase the new one soon! Can't wait to read and cook!

  32. I got the first one at Costco. Will they be carrying the new one? Will you be doing autograph tours in Dallas?

  33. Mine came yesterday – pre-ordered from Amazon. Love it! Have made a quick review, ready to settle down and read and enjoy from cover to cover. Never lived anyplace but Texas, but I am always happy to have good ole Texas family food at my table! Thank you!! Loved the first one, so I know this will be awesome!

  34. Catherine McCord

    Huge huge congrats Lisa!

  35. Laura Fromm

    So happy to wake up to this news this morning! I just put a copy of your new book in Amazon cart. Thank you! So excited to try your new recipes!

  36. Lisa Fain

    Lesley–Thank you!

    Casa Jacaranda–Thank you!

    Amy Louella–Thank you!

    Don Devine–Hope you enjoy it!

  37. Lisa Fain

    Matthewrmt–Austin has that effect on people!


    Amyg713–Thank you!

    Ted–I'm don't know if it's at Costco or not. And I plan to sign books in Dallas in the fall.

  38. Lisa Fain

    Cindy–There's nothing like Texas food!

    Catherine–Thank you!

    Laura–Hope you enjoy the recipes!

  39. jerrie lee

    Mine arrived yesterday. I LOVE IT!

  40. I couldn't wait to rush home from work on the 1st and check it out on my Kindle! It is, without a doubt, as amazing as I had hoped it would be. I literally called 4 of my family members the second I saw the recipe for Oyster Casserole and we are going to get together to make it this weekend! My cousin and I are fairly certain that the restaurant in Bryan that inspired the Creamy Green Salsa recipe is Coco Loco. We eat there every time we go to College Station, for the sole purpose of shoveling as much of that stuff as we can into our gullets. It really is amazing how something so simple can taste like it's full of butter and cream and avocado. We can't wait to make that, either! You're really the best. Congratulations on another beautiful book!

  41. I got my copy yesterday and enjoyed the text, recipes and the photos in particular. The cover photo was so unforgettable that I had to get ingredients for nachos for dinner tonight!

  42. Can't wait to get a hold of it! There are probably a couple dozen recipes from the first book that my daughter and I still need to explore. We've just had so much fun making our favorites for friends and family and the binding on our copy is wearing out!

  43. Unknown

    Got it. Love it. Thank you – its beautiful.

  44. Shelley

    That cow picture is already better than all of the "bluebonnet fields" postcard photos I've seen of our beloved home state.

    Go cows.

  45. Love it! Gorgeous book. While you're in Dallas in the fall, what about signing at your alma mater?

  46. This weekend, I've made 3 of the recipes from the new book: Pollo Asado, Creamy Green Salsa, and Ranch-Style Beans.

    All thumbs up, all around. Everything has been so delicious, and I can't wait to work myself through the rest of the book!

  47. Congratulations! This is going on my wishlist. Do you think you'll have a chance to do any signings in the Houston/Galveston area?


    I just picked up my copy the other day. Can't wait to try out some recipes soon! They all look delicious!!

  49. I am late to the bandwagon but got your book recently. Last night i made the chicken spaghetti and OMG! So good! I've made pioneer woman's before, but this is so different! My husband and i both loved it. Each mouthful he took he exclaimed how good it was! this will be a regular around here for sure!

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