Frequently asked questions

When and why did you start this site?
I have always enjoyed cooking and photography and this blog has been a wonderful outlet for these two passions. I started Homesick Texan in September 2005, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2006 that I became more regular in my posting.

At first, it was just a place to share recipes with friends and family but eventually some other fine people started visiting as well—both homesick and non-homesick Texans alike!

What’s your comments policy?
I can’t tell you how happy your comments make me—they are the backbone of this blog and without them I feel like I’m just talking to myself. So please, comment away!

I moderate my comments to keep out the spammers, and I generally post anything unless it’s hateful, hurtful and insulting to the other commenters. Likewise, if you want to be critical, please do it in a constructive manner—life’s too short to be nasty. And I accept anonymous comments, but I prefer if you leave your name that way I can get to know you!

Can I link to your site? And will you link to mine?
You are most welcome to link to this site. And I will gladly read your blog but I don’t link to a new blog until after it’s been active for six months nor do I exchange links.

Who takes the photos?
I take all of them unless otherwise noted.

Can I republish your post, recipe and/or photo on my site?
No, you cannot use my content on your site. If you make one of my recipes and want to blog about it, you can either link back to my site without posting the recipe, or you can make changes, rewrite it into your language and call it an adaption. If you want to use a photo, please ask first.

So you want to make money, eh? Do you freelance?
Yes, I do—both writing and photography. Have a job you’re interested in having me do? Just shoot me an e-mail.

Have you ever thought about writing a book?
Yes, I’ve written three!

Do you accept products for review?
I generally do not accept products, edible or otherwise. I may look at books, but there should be a strong connection to the content of this blog, which is about the cuisines of Texas.

What kind of camera are you using?
I use a Nikon z5 (affiliate link) with a 60mm macro lens. I love it—its viewfinder is 100%, which means that what I see is what I’ll get. But, I strongly believe it’s the photographer not the camera that makes for a good photo. Sure, with a more expensive camera you’ll have more megapixels and more control, and, of course, a higher quality file. But it’s what you see that counts.

What kind of lights do you use?
I prefer to use available light. And I shoot most of my shots for the blog in my bedroom because it has the most light in my one-bedroom apartment.

Girl, what were you doing in New York City?
Well, I’ve returned to Texas, but I did live in NYC for almost 24 years. I blame it on a steady diet of Sesame Street and E.L. Konigsberg titles such as From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.

I’m new in NYC, what do you recommend for barbecue?
I’m a big fan of Hometown in Brooklyn.

Where can I find decent Tex-Mex in New York?
Yellow Rose.

And are there kolaches and breakfast tacos in New York?
Yes! You can find kolaches at Brooklyn Kolache, and breakfast tacos at King David.

And who serves chicken-fried steak?
Pies and Thighs has it.

Your chili—beans or not?
No beans. If you put beans in it I no longer consider it chili–it’s now meat and bean soup. That said, if you’re not eating meat, this black bean chili is a fine way to go.

Help! I just moved to NYC and can’t find any Ro-Tel for queso! Do you know where can I buy some?
Key Foods in Brooklyn sells it as does Food Emporium and some Duane Reades. You can also order it buy the case at Amazon.

Has anyone besides your mother ever said nice things about this site?

I’m usually very self-effacing but, since you asked…

Named Best Regional Food Blog by Saveur and cited by the Times of London as one of the world’s 50 best food blogs.

“[A] wonderful blog.” —Houston Chronicle
“Lisa Fain photographs seductive doughnuts.” —The New York Times
“Killer recipes.” —The Washington Post
“Homesick Texan plays well to natives who’ve wound up on both coasts and everywhere else in between” —Dallas Observer
“This expat Texan lovingly describes her quest to find and re-create the food she loves so much—BBQ, fried chicken, and Tex-Mex…her [blog] made me salivate, which is what a good food blog should do.”—
“Homesick Texan [has] great family stories.” —Mississippi Sun Herald
“It’s the best of memoir, travel writing and personal essay wrapped up into one, along with beautiful photographs of chicken fried steak and Tex-Mex standards, which wouldn’t typically make the pages of the food magazines.”—MSN City Guides
“Fain’s postings aren’t just finger-lickin’ good, they’re often lick-the-cast-iron-skillet good.”—Culinate

Featured in The New York Times, New Yorker, Southern Living, Parade, Ladies Home Journal, Country Living, Every Day With Rachael Ray, O, The Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Texas Monthly, The Houston Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News, The Austin-American Statesman, Imbibe, and Details, among others. Other mentions:, The Independent (London), The Guardian,, Huffington Post,, Serious, CNN’s Eatocracy, Food 52, The Kitchn, Simply and The Seattle Stranger, The Fort-Worth Star Telegram, and Liz Smith’s column in The New York Post; and featured on Sirius and NPR radio.