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Introducing my new blog design

If you’re reading this, you may notice that things look a little different around here. Over the past year, I taught myself WordPress and all sorts of other computer code-type things, and ended up with a shiny new blog. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m pleased with how it turned out and I think you’ll like it, too.

So, what’s changed? Now, not only is the design cleaner but it’s also more functional. For instance, the recipes can now be searched by both category and tag. So, for instance, if you’re looking for Tex-Mex, cookie, or West Texas recipes, if you enter that as a search term a bunch of posts will pop up on the screen, all nicely laid out with pictures. There’s also a menu at the top of the page that has some of the more general categories, such as main dish and dessert.

With this improved taxonomy, I can also now do custom section layouts featuring certain recipes, such as the ones I have on the front page at the moment for soups and Tex-Mex. When I showed the new home page to my grandma, she thought it looked attractive but wondered if creating those new sections would be more work. By using WordPress, it’s not more work and in fact, it’s been a blast plugging in various terms and seeing what the blog shows me. There are so many posts I’d completely about and I am now a firm believer in the power of taxonomy.

Other improvements? Well, the blog is now mobile friendly and should load swiftly on your phones and tablets. For those who like to share on social networks such Pinterest and Facebook, there are share buttons after each post to facilitate that process. There are also new design elements that I look forward to messing around with, such as large photos, columns, pull quotes, and drop caps.

The main request, however, that readers have made over the years is to make each recipe printable. While I’d been working on coding my posts, there were plenty of old ones that hadn’t been converted. That’s now a thing of the past and I am pleased to say that every single recipe can be easily printed. So please, feel free to print away!

Of course, there are still things that need tinkering, so if features are missing that you’d like to see (for instance, I had removed the old text-only recipe index, but a reader told me that he preferred it so I brought it back), or any issues with pages not loading, looking odd, or anything else, please let me know.

In any case, while a blog is always an evolving entity, I am over the moon with the results so far. It’s always a joy to share recipes and stories with you, and I’m thrilled to have a more functional and attractive way to do this. I hope you enjoy the new design and thank you for reading!

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  1. Nancy Walters says:

    Love it! Looks like I better start the switch from Blogger.

    1. Lisa Fain says:

      Thank you, Nancy! The transition can take some time but it’s so worth it.

  2. I really like the look of your site and it’s easy and interesting to browse. I also like that the ads don’t dominate. I’ve noticed that some sites with videos and other moveable flashing parts can make it difficult to read. Is there a “home” button? Sometimes I’d like to go to your main home page after I’ve browsed for a bit, but haven’t found that yet.

    1. Lisa Fain says:

      If you click on the logo you’ll go to the home page.