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Mom's oatmeal cookies | Homesick Texan

Mom’s oatmeal cookies

When I was young, my mom did things differently from the other mothers. When the other kids were eating sugary cereals, I had…

Roquefort cheese log | Homesick Texan

Roquefort cheese log

Every family has its fair share of characters and mine is no different. It being the holiday season and all, I’ve wanted to…

Grandma's chocolate pie | Homesick Texan

Grandma’s chocolate pie

There are pies and then there is my grandma’s chocolate pie. It’s a luscious chocolate custard resting on a flaky, almost salty crust,…

Uncle austin's granola | Homesick Texan

Uncle Austin’s Granola

Every Christmas, my uncle Austin cooks up gallons of granola to give as gifts. The lucky recipients know that this isn’t just any…