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Chalupas poblanas | Homesick Texan
Main dish Tex-Mex

Chalupas poblanas

As I watched the woman in the video finish preparing her recipe for chalupas poblanas, I was surprised when she picked one up,…

Arroz con pollo | Homesick Texan
Main dish Tex-Mex

Arroz con pollo

A reader once said his favorite comfort food was arroz con pollo. It was a weeknight staple in his home growing up in…

Chicken sesame noodles | Homesick Texan
Main dish

Chicken sesame noodles

When I first moved to New York City, there was a Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood that offered free sesame noodles with every…

Green chile turkey spaghetti | Homesick Texan
Main dish

Green chile turkey spaghetti

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