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Homesick Texan subscriptions, an update

Two years ago, I launched the Homesick Texan subscription program to keep the site running. Ad revenue had sputtered, and I was using my savings to keep Homesick Texan going. At the time, it appeared to be an odd and controversial step. That said, many of you have taken a chance, and I am honored.
The idea was to keep most of the site free for all, with subscribers simply gaining access to additional recipes. Some of these have included a chili-cheese enchilada casserole, green chile roast chicken, South Texas baked flautas, and Grandma’s pumpkin dessert.

Here’s the full delicious roster, with many more fun dishes planned for 2021!
The program has been a success, as its revenue brings in half of what is needed to maintain the blog. Likewise, the price has stayed the same since I began, and as we enter the third year, I will not be raising those rates.

The subscriptions start at $25 for one year (about the cost of lunch for two), and for that price, you get access to all prior premium posts as well as all new ones coming up in the year. I publish a new subscriber-only post every-other week, and each premium post has not been published before.

For $100, there’s a family plan, which is a bargain as it allows 5 people to be on one subscription. There are also partner and patron levels, which are there for those who wanted to give more as they have deeper pockets. For all, however, there is the joy of supporting independent publishing.  A subscription also makes a fine gift!

For now, I still need to run ads on the site, but I am thankful that I don’t need to inundate the blog with even more. (Here are more details about the blog’s costs and such, if you’re interested.) Times are tight and uncertain right now, so I’m very grateful for all who wish to subscribe. But please know that I completely understand if someone doesn’t care to subscribe, which is why I keep most of the site free, including all posts published before 2019.

As always, I’m grateful for your support. Whether it’s through participating in the subscription program, or by linking to content, leaving comments, or your lovely emails, sharing recipes with you is always a joy. Thank you for being here!

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Turning off Ghostery (or whitelisting your site, I suppose) to log in doesn’t bother me at all. It’s the silently failing part that’s a bother. If NY developer can’t find a workaround, a note saying “ad blockers may disable the login process” underneath the credential field should really be enough of a workaround. I couldn’t imagine how much work it would be to test against all the different ad blockers.

    1. Lisa Fain says:

      Todd-Thanks for the input!

  2. Tony Jaschke says:

    Good for you Lisa. This is a very worthwhile endeavor, and I enjoy reading your articles and recipes. I plan to keep contributing!

    1. Lisa Fain says:

      Tony–Thank you! I value your readership and support and I look forward to sharing more recipes and stories with you!

  3. Kim Brakeley says:

    Hey there, long time fan, happy 1st time subscriber. Moved from Lubbock to LA 36 yrs ago, and was followed by 6 friends and a brother! We miss the food, and you are the authority i turn to. Happy to help do a small part to keep this incomparable treasury going. Thawing some meat for guisado tonight!

    1. Lisa Fain says:

      Kim–Thank you for subscribing! Your moving story sounds a bit like mine, as when I left Texas for NYC, some friends also soon followed. Happy cooking and enjoy the recipes! I’m glad they remind you of home.