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Homesick Texan subscriptions, an update

It’s been three years since I began the Homesick Texan subscription program to keep the site running. Ad revenue was falling, and I was using my savings to keep Homesick Texan going. At the time, it appeared to be an odd and controversial step. That said, many of you have taken a chance, and I am honored.

The idea was to keep most of the site free for all, with subscribers gaining access to additional recipes. Some of these have included green chile meatloaf, brisket jam, chili-cheese casserole, South Texas baked flautas, tamale breakfast casserole, Grandma’s peach cobbler, and black-eyed pea curry.

Here’s the full delicious roster, which at this writing now includes 75 fresh recipes never published before, either on the site or in my books.

There are many fun dishes planned for 2022, as well, such as a distinctive North Texas Italian dish, an almost-lost Tex-Mex plate, an unlikely Big Country treat, a hearty holiday favorite, and more! This fall, I’ve also been learning how to smoke meats from some of the state’s top pitmasters, and look forward to sharing some of that knowledge with subscribers, too.

The program has been a success, as its revenue brings in half of what is needed to maintain the blog. Likewise, the price has stayed the same since I began, and as we enter the fourth year, I will not be raising those rates.

The subscriptions start at $25 for one year (about the cost of lunch for two), and for that price, you get access to all prior premium posts as well as all new ones coming up in the year. A new subscriber-only post is published every other week, and each one has never been published.

There’s a family plan for $100, which is a bargain as it allows 5 people to be on one subscription. There are also partner and patron levels, which are there for those who wanted to give more as they have deeper pockets. A subscription also makes a fine gift!

For all, however, there is the satisfaction and joy of supporting independent publishing. Many aren’t aware of this, but when you write for other publications, you no longer retain ownership of your work. The corporation owns it and can do anything it wishes with it. This is why I prefer to keep my work here, rather than publish elsewhere.

Ads, for now, still need to appear on the site, but I am thankful that I don’t need to inundate the blog with even more. (Here are more details about the blog’s costs and such, if you’re interested.) Times are uncertain right now, so I’m incredibly thankful for my subscribers. Please know, however, that I’m grateful for all my readers, and understand if someone doesn’t care to subscribe. This is why I still keep most of the site free, including all posts published before 2019.

Thank you for your continued support of Homesick Texan. Everything from being a subscriber, to linking to content, leaving a comment, or sending an email makes this worthwhile. It’s an honor and a joy to share recipes and stories with you. Thank you for reading and happy cooking!

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  1. Todd Zaba says:

    It has been a pleasure to be a subscriber since (almost?) the very beginning. Thank you for all the recipes and all the wonderful stories. People complain about “narrative cooking blogs” but there is something different to your stories. They never get in the way and they always enrich the recipe. The context you provide with your stories adds a deeper understanding to the dish you share.

    Thank you.

    1. Lisa Fain says:

      Todd–Thank you! It’s wonderful to hear I have a satisfied customer!

  2. Debbie Cantrell says:

    I love your site. Couldn’t imagine not subscribing. Thank you!

    1. Lisa Fain says:

      Thank you for your support, Debbie!